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Three Japan was. But not completely isolated from the rest of the world as we noted earlier in the show even after Japan closed its borders in the sixteen thirty s had continued to trade with the Chinese and the Dutch at the Nagasaki in southwestern Japan. People in and around Nagasaki personally witnessed the new and changing technologies that were making their way to and through the port. The saga domain was able for Nagasaki Security in defense. Now, Muscle Naba Shema, who was the domains dime Yo established a physics and chemistry research institute in Eighteen fifty two he invited some of Japan's foremost inventors and engineers to the institute and one of them was Tanaka he says she gay, another was Sano Tuna Tommy founder of the Japanese Red Cross Society then on. July eighth eighteen. Fifty three American Commodore Matthew Perry arrived in Ed obey now Tokyo Bay to try to force Japan to start trading with the West, particularly with the United States, the US had been unsuccessfully trying to establish trade with Japan for about twenty years at this point and this time Perry arrived with four ships from the US Navy as a show of force Japan knew it had no way to defend itself from the steamships and their armaments. It had seen a similar situation play out in China during the first. Opium War just a decade before which pitted British. Forces with steam powered worships against Chinese vessels that were powered by sail China's defeat had been disastrous. So reluctantly Japan began negotiating with the United States after months of negotiation, the US and Japan signed the Treaty of kind of gala on March thirty first eighteen, fifty four. This treaty established a US consulate in Japan and gave American ships the right to buy supplies like coal.

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