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Just because the job in Surfside Florida has shifted from rescue to recovery does not mean the work has slowed down, says Mayor Charles Bearcat. Miami Dade Fire Department will not stop working until they've gotten to the bottom of the pile and recovered every single one of the families missing loved ones. At the same time, investigators are trying to get to the bottom of the cause. Got some wrecks hands. Brake lights. Here is detour Dan in the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic center, not a ton of either, But things made a move on the freeways, starting to see some slow and go on the east by night and now from 59th Avenue in the seventh Street. It took all morning to show up, but it is here but don't get too used to it. It's pretty darn light, and there's even a few holes in that few gaps in that little doorway there as well. I am 17 north. Out north, the Union Hills right, Lane was blocked from Iraq. I'm still seeing brake lights from Greenway to Union Mills because of it Also on the south and 17 just a spot of slowing, but it's two extra minutes approaching Central Avenue. Now, here's what you get in the rest of your crash department. Reckon the 60 eastbound of Elvis ter. It's all off right. Thomas closed east and westbound 71st to 67th Avenue and surface Street racks at 43rd Avenue in Grand Avenue, 27th Avenue and Thomas and Avondale Boulevard at Van Buren. This traffic Brought to you by QuikTrip. It's a summer snack tacular right now. A quick trip where any reason is a good reason to stop by, like Craven Save snack ALS that will send your taste buds. Sorry. Q. T more than a gas station featured and catering is excessive Heat warning Today and tomorrow with highs of 1 13 and 1 14,.

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