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Christine lilley. It is a pleasure to talk to you today but we have invited you here to play a game where calling your cup runneth over you of course or world cup champion. But what are you talking about. The world's other cops we're gonna ask you three questions about many different cups right to correctly would've prize for one of our listeners. Instead it's the voice of their choice from our show. Bill lewis christine lilley plank for shane. Hyman of london's cancers all right. Ready to apply i am i seen here. We go i can. I can feel you like getting ready to go my game mode right now. You know very competitive. Oh lose your first question. We've had cups of one kind of course for thousands of years. In fact the ancient greek mathematician was a pioneer in the cup field as well. what did he invent. Was it a the novelty gift cup. The message world's best mathematician on it be the prank cup which spilled wine all over the user when he tried to take a sip or see the travel mug and his case a cup designed to be latched to the saddle a horse. I'm gonna go see it was actually the prank cup phagocytes. The great genius mathematician invented the prank cup. And it's really genius if you pour in too much wine and all of a sudden drains out onto your question. We all know and love japan's famous couple rahman styrofoam cup. You porn water. You get rama noodles. That's great other countries have their own version to like which of these a russia's cupo mashed potatoes be candidates cupo bacon for c. Sweden's cupo herring. O-man all right. Let's.

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