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Yes. And, and so they, I don't ruin too much of it, but they, they finally managed to capture. Nick cage and Travolta then. I'm not sure why they decide this is a good idea, but they got to infiltrate Castro. Troy's crew, right? There's a bomb ticking bomb situation when it was there's a bomb go off in LA I guess, countdown timer and everything. And so they send, they send Travolta in. They want to send them into the prison to like get the information from. NNcholas gauges brother, Pollock's politics, and so they sent him in, but they realize they can't just sentiment. So they have this outlandish, this surgery they can do. And so rather than keeping the villain faceless for a little while they go ahead and give him the cops. Well, the cop's face technical, the cops faces is still floating in its little. That's right in the bad he's got in because because as in a long time, each wakes up from his permanent coma somehow he wakes deadpool. Yeah, he's or the joker cutting off his own face got no face. And then somehow his crew brings the surgeons back in and they're like, you're gonna give me Sean arches face now, and I'm going to let go and take over his life. And like as they say in the movie bone, his wife and and so then there's these very. So now you have. And then because now he comes back and he's FBI special agent Sean Archer, right? So he can take over the full life and in the process of doing that come and be like, no, no one note Nicolas Cage. Aka the real Sean Archer. No one knows you're in here on they think you're the real weight somebody's peach. Yes. And so they leave castor, Troy stranded in the prison as he's got, like, prove who he is. And and meanwhile. You've got Travolta like looking at the daughter, his daughter like in it's very disturbing. And the other thing that's so weird about this movie is it's so over the top, like every aspect of it is over the top and crazy, and I just don't like the people's reactions are strange, and it's just so it's so bizarre that watching it, I can't im- im- like, how was this taken seriously even as as entertainment factor, how how did it do? How what will ninety on different time. Yeah, yeah, we haven't watched that one. We watched the face TV show. Watch that with your kid. No, there was a TV show too. That's the one about Hollywood makeup. Oh, it's a reality show. We watch where they do Hollywood makeup challenges. Basically everybody everybody makes calicoes or something from game of thrones pretty much remember Calabar Calvo's looked in clash of the titans. No, I'm trying to remember how. How do I spell that? L. i. b. o. s. yes. Okay. Yeah, he was the stop motion picture devil in guy, demon boy, little effort. Yeah, and he looks good. Looks good times have changed times have changed. Oh, Dan, I think we, you have something you wanna. Tell me about. I think it's something that I liked. It's the I, I know for a fact that you like Eero era, it is. Zero. Eero is great. This is the WI fi that getting better keeps getting better. What has changed while the first let me tell people what it is. It is the wifi that we've always wanted. It is fast is reliable. You get a great connection.

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