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Visit I n c impact dot com. Else the armed on the campus? But that still happens. So why would you disarm those who are trained in protecting you and yeah, great question. Great question. So I I I just I find the whole thing really kind of silly. But it is. Why they thought that doing that would somehow be in any way? Safe. I don't know. Here's a story. That's also kind of in the same lines. Best buy pantley fired an army vet a security guard because he tackled the suspect him knocked down a police officer. It's in Roseville, California. The rights group has a story a security guard aided sheriff's deputies and catching a suspect. The suspect had just knocked on a deputy. He was trying to escape, but the vet was able to tackle the guy to keep him from getting away. The was just this is just insane. To me, this came from FOX eight the story, and they were talking to this this veteran, and they say there was he was the security guard and surveillance footage shows that that county deputies were chasing suspect through the Roseville shopping plaza and the security guard, they call Tyler there was a guy walked by said when he got in his car bunch undercover shares came over to arrest him, and he only wanted to be referred to by his first name. He says he was working at the best buy he noticed the man thirty five year old Timothy Trujilo knocking down a deputy when they confronted him me said the man punch one of the one of the detectives tried to run off and then the security guard tackled the guy preventing him from escaping. This from Lieutenant Indra Scott spokesperson for Placer county sheriff's office and three. He three WIBC anywhere online and on your smartphone with the next.

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