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Or three people on the conversation it's worth doing above that you gotta pay on cast you've got to pay so you can look into it but i think they're great if everybody's got a computer with with chrome on it the the i will say the more people you get the worst gets because as much as we complain about skype the thing about skype is skype is a service that's built to be resilient it does a lot of things you send your files up and then skype is sending a mixed down version of the audio of the whole call just to you whereas something that's using a browser everybody's downloading a bunch of different audio streams separately which is more bandwidth intensive so if you've got five or six people on the call things start to fall apart really fast especially if somebody's got a a bad connection also skype does a lot of processing they take out background noise they level the audio volumes of everybody so when i talked to tim on cast i can hear he's quiet and i can hear a lot of background noise that that i never here when i talked to him on skype now it's there on the recording and i have to take care of it but skype can actually be a more pleasant conversation if you've got a large group of people because it's trying very hard to make audible behind the scenes so in the short version please try best used skype colts right like as what you released the wall should you should never do that it's it should be a backup but sometimes it happens someone have somebody who has a call it on an iphone or something it's like they can't record on their iphones so we'll we'll make it work but it's not ideal so i would say if you've got people who are tech savvy enough to record their own microphone and put it in a dropbox file or something like that afterward you don't you don't have to use castors castor you can just use skype because the end result is not going to be dischord or whatever 'cause you're not gonna use that audio you're gonna use the audio that you record yourself if they're less technical and you're worried about it i would say yeah use castors castor because you're going to get their audio file without them doing anything which is brilliant right with these limitations that doesn't sound as good and you can't have a lot of people on the call i would say you should still probably use something like audio hijack to record both yourself and them just in case something happens because that's happened to me with tv tm where i've had a browser crash and the file got lost but i was using audio hijack as my backup and so i still had it so that is you should always do the belt and suspenders thing but i think those apps are great and i especially think they're great if you've got guests or co hosts who are less technical and and you know they're just not going to do all the steps that you need if you've got guests allot i think it's totally worth it like that's the best thing ever you've got a new guest every week rather than trying to walk them through how to record you can't do that i recommend podcast guest guide dot com which antony johnston put together step by step instructions about how to get your guest to record their audio and then send it to you it's great but if you have a low confidence in your guest being able to do that in these browsers they literally just click click a link and suddenly you're talking and you press the button and suddenly everything is getting recorded and uploaded to their to the to the server of the of the service that you're using it's brilliant so those are your options you got lots of.

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