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Their premiums that Congress had committed to under the ACA protecting the affordable care act that has been so important elements that have been so important to people like protection for pre existing conditions and. The ability to do the expanded Medicaid that we did in Montana, I honored to be part of that. Ensuring that mental health is part of any comprehensive policies associated with with healthcare just making sure that we. Fix this inefficient system that we've got there's all kinds of countries that are doing it better than we are, and we need leaders on this topic. So I'm looking forward to being matt. Leader. As Kobe hit Montana very hard You know I live in Chicago where it's very densely populated and a know what the spread of the pandemic looks like here. But what does that look like in a place like Montana so To other states, we are doing fairly well but of course, every illness in every death is. Is a tragedy and we we have a statewide mask order in place. And we took action. Early and then opened up carefully that said, we are a destination for so many people and when you go to trail heads and. Parking lots. There are incredible number of out of state plates. So we're encouraging people to to be smart and protect their neighbors season and And and our campaign has been again providing leadership on this issue from the very beginning and we put up A. Resource page on our website and continue to update that on. You know where you could get help and. Encouraging people to reach out to to those feeling isolated. We continue to update that I was calling for a coordinated testing program between state federal state and local back in near the end of February and early March at as well as p. p and making sure that the. Relief programs for businesses and others have the transparency we needed to make sure that. That tax dollars you know Montana's and others hard earned. Income that they that they provide for the federal government where we're going to the right places that we knew it was going and so again, we've got a guy in the seat that you would. You wouldn't even know was there because we're just not hearing any kind of leadership or any kind of strategy or any kind of. Communication really from the seat warmer in this in this seat that that really Montana's deserve they they deserve. A higher standard for that office and a higher standard for use in it and I look forward to to being that higher standard. Noted that you've worked in resource management, the current administration of course has done a ton to really essentially destroy the environment to roll back protections. What are things that you think the federal government and Congress in particular should be doing could be doing to to protect the environment to make sure that we're protecting that land and scion water in Montana. Well I'll tell you. We need to not elect my opponent. He has advocated for transferring public land that was one of his top priorities when he ran for this office before. So he wants to industrialize are public lands he he's all about. Getting, much income out of them as as possible and. We get a lot of income out of them right now because businesses and people are moving here and spending their dollars here traveling here because of our our public land that are not industrialized. The way we protect them is to is to elect a champion for our outdoor heritage myself and not my opponent and his economic plan involves, which is by the way just pulled off a shelf of one of his right-wing. Funding Groups much of it is also has a significant permanent regulatory rollbacks. So any regulation That doesn't speak. Directly to safety. He thinks should be roll back. And some of those are businesses that are have impact on the environment. You know we've given them discharge permits to to discharge into rivers and streams. They wouldn't have to monitor their their discharges anymore I mean so he would. He would. He would destroy what makes Montana special and and do it in the name of short-term prophets and and that's that's not that's not leadership. That's not what Montana's want is attach. It's A. It's an east coast developer against East Coast. Coming here and and Putting his. Is Values atop estate that he doesn't understand. So that's how. That's the very direct way of how we protect our public lands. If I- listeners would like to help out your campaign, what are some ways they can do that? Well, there's lots of ways said, again, the website is Kathleen. FOUR MONTANA DOT com. In a pandemic like this, it is I can't get out or we're not getting out. So I can't talk to one, hundred, hundred and fifty people all at once I have to check to people one on one by one by one and so. certainly, contributions are helpful. There's a there's a big red donate button am on a on the webpage, but also people that are willing to talk to their networks to encourage additional contributions and spreading the word we have people out of state that are that are making phone calls for us to to Montana's. People that know me that that have moved but you know the more volunteers we have the better and. With everyone going virtual now even volunteers can can be virtual. So as so there's there's lots of ways a to help us spread the word we've got some great videos even my dog has her own ad which has been incredibly popular but but people letting their friends know that Montana is in play and we can. We can win this each if we've got enough people talking it up and.

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