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A little Cottonwood canyon is projected to reopen from that avalanche yesterday at eight AM. I'll let you know if that actually happens crash northbound I fifteen one hundred six south in Salt Lake left shoulder being affected their crash westbound I two fifteen at the Redwood road offramp in Taylorsville left shoulder affected, their go to hail Scott HALE plumbing, heating and air for forty nine dollars furnace tuneup, which includes a nineteen point safety inspection. Scott HALE, amazingly, different surprisingly better. Scott HALE dot com. Let's see. At brass texting me. I'm filing my own damage to VISA's reputation as well. Right. Let's see in the Academy Awards. The nominations are in and the nominees are. So some surprises in here. Best pitcher. All right. Let's start with best picture Bill. You work your way. Okay. Let's go to costume design. I have an opinion on costume design. The only movie that should win is Black Panther. I would agree. The only movie that should win is Black Panther. Let's see what if you look at the research and the development they did there's a whole documentary about it. So the the other other the Black Panther. Yes. The other nominees are a star is born bohemian rhapsody Roma. And I man, but I know I'm sorry that was sound mixing. You're what? About the BUSTER scribes Black Panther, Mary Poppins, the favourite and Mary Queen of Scots. I've seen the ballot of BUSTER Scruggs, Black Panther and the favorite. I I don't.

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