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A little nervous about this because before the show oh you guys told me it's time for me to take a pop quiz all based on this fidelity survey of baby boomers to find out how much they know about retirement so listening please along with me and greg chris and i'll do my best okay so number one roughly how much do investment professionals recommend you save by the time you're retire my gosh see this is tough because on the show we've talked about how a lot of people think it's a million dollars in some people i'm going to go the million dollars 'cause i really don't know the answer from what i know it's based on our lifestyle is the real answer that's when we go with okay is based on our lifestyle there is not an exact number okay so that's your final and i think so you're kind of rai a million dollars would not be right because that just the number we don't know what is based on so really the answer according to this survey of questions is ten times the amount of your last full year's income okay all right and i like that answer whereby eu greg yeah i like that answer okay kristen how much will a retired couple spin on outofpocket costs for healthcare mm maybe one hundred thousand dollars and okay i'm wrong too high known to low the average sixty five year old couple during their retirement will spend over two hundred sixty thousand dollars to pay for outta pocket healthier expensive because remember medicare doesn't cover things like then old yeah or a lotta prescription drugs or revision a lot of things that can be very costly info too bad because nineteen percent of pre retirees underestimated this as well so airline with people thought process i think we're in for one more before today's show is over and hopefully i get one right let's give it a shot okay if you want to.

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