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But like the higher was made off of an okay team with an okay, Ed coach, and no one would ever. So see it with him with Brad Childress now. But that was the staff he was on nother reason to follow the rule by the letter of the law, be more creative and open mind in the hiring. And I think it's it's it's a matter of for a lot of these teams were look. Cleveland, the people that are say that they're not starting to process now to they better be starting the process now because they have this huge advantage over other teams. They're gonna be looking in that they can get to know, these coaches and so much of it to fire drill. If you wait till January, right? Whereas you're not really are. You really looking at twenty five guys know, you're going to interview the guy you're going to interview. And that those guys are probably gonna come off someone's list, and then you're gonna make a higher the advantage. The Browns have now is that they can do that. They can actually okay. Like, we're going to do background work on thirty five forty five coaches, and they're going to be some names on there that probably no one has on their list. But the very least we're going to have turned over those rocks. And we're going to figure out like if there is someone out there that everyone's missing because I don't I mean, Sean McVeigh. Again off Jay Gruden Stephan. Non-playoff? Tired of NATO non playoff team off Jay Gruden staff. Jay's done a good job in Washington. But nobody's regarding him as like some sort of genius. You know, that's where Sean came from. I it's it's interesting that way, it's interesting. You know, I think we're in the jets again, I think one of these teams is probably quietly already starting to take a peek at it where that could go from here. All right, news item number four. Vance. Joseph Broncos took their six loss in seven games in the coach took heat for his clock management late in Sunday's nineteen to seventeen defeat at the hands of Houston on Monday. John Elway when local radio and said that the team would stick by Joseph heading into the by week. I put this one in there because I wanna group and Connors idea group it with Oakland, and what's happening there in the NFC in the AFC west. We have a couple of teams that are sort of on the ropes and the Denver right now is the point where they're probably one of these teams. It's looking at head coach. And cannons. And they're one of these teams that's going to be in play for a quarterback in twenty nineteen and Oakland, isn't you know, Oakland's tied long-term to Jon Gruden, but there's a lot to fix there. So thought it'd be interesting to look at it this way and ask both you guys this question who's a war spot? Now, acoustical worse. Long-term spot right now. Denver oakland. I don't think there's I don't think I think Oakland is in a much worse long-term spot. Just because I think that there's probably some emotional mental things that need to be repaired there. I think there's a coach that needs to go into that locker room and start assuring some people that either they're going to be around or that they're valued here or that they're not just going to be jettisoned off in the middle of the season. And that they're going to come up with some sort of offense of plan that doesn't get the quarterback killed. And you know, I think there's a lot of things that need to happen there. But I think is interesting in Denver is I wonder if Elway sort of learned a lesson from that fire and brimstone streak that he went on a little bit before the the Broncos blew out the cardinals in that primetime game. It was Monday or Thursday for that. Like he was even going on the team's official radio station, just destroying Vance. Joseph. You know, saying that they're not doing the things that are in his particular department of expertise, right? And so I think that maybe. This was sort of a moment for Elway to say, you know, I also need to I need to give him better players. You know, they're not a lot of outside of the running back position in maybe one or two receivers not a lot to work with on the side of the ball..

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