Electrical Grid, President Trump, Stephen Paddock discussed on TMA Morning Show with Charlie James


At the scene neighbor shocked by the news some even describing him as a gentle giant britain recognised stephen paddock check to end of the mandalay bay last wednesday and it was on sunday the third day of the route ninety one harvest festival and the last song of when he carried out his plans president trump will visit las vegas tomorrow today he'll be in puerto rico to see hurricane maria sda struck shen president donald trump has called the aftermath of hurricane maria an impossible situation for puerto rico bridges are down to the telecommunications was nonexistent and it's and very very vigilant the electrical grid as you know was totally destroyed but he repeatedly emphasizes what he calls an amazing amount of progress over a short period of time not everyone has been quite so impressed the mayor of san juan criticized the federal relief effort last week trump responding via twitter directing his own string of criticism at the mayor i'm andrew spencer there'll be congressional testimony about some financial misdoings in prepared remarks the former ceo of that will facts will testify about homeland security warnings that its credit reporting site was not secure and about ecwa faxes failure to fix that resulting in a security breach affecting about one hundred forty five million americans and wells fargo c o tim sloan will explain why his bank opened up millions of fake accounts in customers names without their permission water enroll hall of famer tom petty has died at the age of sixty six the lead singer of tom petty of the heartbreakers was found unconscious after suffering cardiac arrest i'm evident for p one fifty two fifty ga p one fifty ny p one fifty ok p one fifty tnc two fifty ac two fifty ec two.

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