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The nanotubes wall opened up with the last name first name how man that's do the bartman i will say i'm one of those people who love the simpsons a lot like i'm one of those people who quotes the same i know i know of your involvement with before i knew coming in here not know you're involved in i was the sucker that that took on that assignment how do you feel about it now you know it's it's a quirky thing to have in your resume you know it it did very well it was the number one video in the world for a couple of weeks so we would we were you proud of it tom meet look it was the hardest thing i've ever done because i had to go to hungary we couldn't produce it in the united states because everyone was working on the show so they asked me a couple of times and i turned it down and finally they bagged me and and you know said this is really important so i said all right i'll do it and i went over to hungary and in hungary they had only had the tracey ullman one minutes so they thought that simpson's was supercrew i should be clear so if you don't know this before the simpsons was the simpsons the cultural icon that it is right now and how to half hour show it was a series of shorts on variety show called the tracey ullman show that's right and they were like a minute long to two minutes long yeah they were just little interstitial 's mine don't matter what is matter never mind what what is badgering is every mind anyway they thought that that was what we were going to do so they were very confident that they could pull that off and i got i landed and i said okay here's what it is it's big dance thing and we have almost every character that's ever been in the simpsons is going to be seen in at some point or another and it's all original animation it's full animation it's not limited and their their their faces are going white and they're going no simpson's is this and they show me one of the one minutes and i said no man that's like two years ago this has to be you know a real video and that means the characters are going to move around and dance and do all we have a hundred characters and and they just started going and you know we had to do it in in about two and a half weeks of five minute film with a crew that primarily did not speak english and you know it was being advertised as it's going to be a premiered globally at the same moment all over the planet and so they were making these announcements and we didn't even have a film so it was it was really really really hard to pull off and you wouldn't know it from looking at it it looks like a trifle but we basically got every animator in hungary involved i love this story i now thirty years later here you are still feeling the pain thanks for coming in you bet bradbury's or splenectomy nice to meet you brad bird is the writer and director of incredible to also did the frozen go see it on a giant screen order yourself some popcorn don't go don't watch it in your computer you don't need a little kid is a beard to explain why you're going to hell just go with some of your fellow adults and and enjoy enjoy and then afterwards maybe do the bartman maybe maybe if you can incredible to open today as with any disney pixar film and you go to see it in theaters you get to see a pixar short right before the main event the latest one playing right before incredible to it's called bowel it's by toronto filmmaker domi she you might have caught her on the show earlier this week but if you missed that conversation you can catch up by subscribing to the q podcast and i should also mention that if you are under i'm willing to say probably thirty five you might have no idea what i'm talking about referring to the bartman which was simpson's video music video just go on youtube do yourself a favor q hugh hugh hi i'm fred penner in you're listening to q.

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