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The days before sunday's shooting rampage now they're questioning other callgirls to see if they know anything police remain stumped on a motive tropical storm need is pushing away from mexico heading toward the us gulf coast it's expected to become a hurricane and reached the greater new orleans area by early sunday mayor mich landrieu orders three communities evacuated because of the flood greatest threat though from this particular storm because everyone is different a is not necessarily rain but strong winds and storm surge president trump last night meeting with military leaders made a comment that this was the calm before the storm there were efforts today to get him to clarify our greatest threat though he only said you'll find out without providing any details i'm jackie quinn the white house congress and the nra are coming together on regulating socalled bumped doc devices like the ones used in the las vegas shootings api washington correspondent soghra madani reports from the white house the devices essentially allow the gunmen to convert his semi automatic rifles into fully automated killing machines top republicans are signalling a push to regulate the devices and in a surprise move the nra assigning not calling for the government to look into whether bumps stocks are even legal after the organization issued a statement the white house said it wants to be involved it's something we're very open to spokeswoman sarah sanders saying the ministration we'll look at any step it care to avoid another incident liked the las vegas schutte saga remain ghani at the white house australian police have seized a record haul of methamphetamine ingredient smuggled from thailand in t battle the australian federal police say to people were arrested after the bust last month and as sydney sea cargo examination facility they say the liquid ephedrine could have been used to make up to three point five billion australian dollars or two point seven billion us dollars worth of methamphetamine the hall was said to be three point nine eight metric tonnes or four point three seven us tonnes the statement said australian border force officers detected the shipment based on information from thailand more than one thousand cartons each contain 24 bottles labelled as ice t but afp said around one third of the cartons tested positive for ephedrine the haul more than double the previous record seizure of precursor chemicals that the australian border from fourmonth go country star eric church breaks down during a tribute to the.

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