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Seems like it yes officially happen with these phones success i mean or will say we'll see what happens berthie either way i mean it's it's nice to have it under the front screen i think that there's a a preference for people to half a fingerprint rerun the bottom or on the back of the iphone it's always been on the front but if they're stretching that screen all the way in the mood to the back you know it's like you can't make everyone happy all the same time of year and a half people on either side but i think it's nice technology because if you want that screen i mean we can all agree i think that fingerprint rerun the s eight is in the wrong position let's put it that way on i would have pleaded linda it would have been final backed but it's just one of those things when you pick up your phone you want to be able to unlock it sas and like you said naturally and as not what happens with the sat and so it becomes this thing where you realize that this is not in the right position whereas with the you know the pixel i feel fine with the iphone with it no unlocking so fast with that front button is fine as well yup but i think this is technology that we need to have com certainly would not be showing this off if there were a secret partner with apple that would be no way as napm selecting i think we can guarantee that they are not the partner with apple on the next iphone yeah absolutely a target is kicking off the customer facing pilot for its new service called target restock aimed squarely at those who might be already using amazon prime pantry or thinking about it for next day homedelivery of household products target i announced that it was testing restock with target employees in may and now it's hitting parts of minnesota including twin cities for a four dollars ninety nine cents flat fee which happens to be a dollar cheaper than amazon's offering shoppers would then be given a box and you had a fill it with items of from the target restock side.

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