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And legacy of Senator John McCain KTAR's Taylor Kiner up is live from the newsroom with more from one of the most notable politicians to speak My name's Joe Biden from the Democrats I love, John McCain that's other former vice president began his touching tribute to his. Longtime friend and colleague Senator, John McCain he heard, McCain with, laughter, recalling the Senator smile the seer joy the crossed his face the moment he knew he is about to get up and take a stays in. The Senate floor and start a fight He loved it And, gave. A tearful goodbye Shakespeare We shall not see his like, again By emphasizing a speech that the friendship they shared always cross party lines live from the newsroom Taylor kinder- up KTAR news and now let's go more with more live from the newsroom with KTAR's Griselda zetino Senator McCain has been a true honor to, call you friend a local sports here, honoring the life of. An American. Hero Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry FitzGerald also speaking at today's funeral service for Senator John McCain FitzGerald says. He had. An unlikely friendship. With McCain I'm black he was white I'm. Young he. Wasn't so young He lived with. Physical limitations brought on by war, I'm a professional athlete, FitzGerald says McCain touched many lives including his own live in the. News center. Griselda zetino KTAR news Now typer. Check on traffic here's Larry Lewis live from the valley, Chevy dealers traffic center. Well Bob we just cleared a, crash, fifty one southbound south Thomas that's good news service road so we. Got some action rigs at Valle vista accident their southern west rural that's a crash.

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