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Think montreal's got beef. They evanson got plastered into the glass when his face by carlson. No call at all. Obviously they put the whistle waiters fifty seconds left. I just saw mcphee and the owner foley up in the owner suite at the t mobile vegas down three to here in game two. They lead the series one. Zip montreal on the verge of stealing all mice and going back to the bell centre montreal friday night with a one one series and carry price up three to hear empty net for vegas flurries off the ice. They got the extra attacker and to be honest with you. They started it with a minute thirty nine. And they've done nothing. They haven't had a single shot with the because montreal's dominated With the net empty. They just having allowed him anything. They haven't allowed him anything. They can barely get the puck into the zone. Let alone give up a shot again. They turned it over the neutral zone. This game's over. they just. They can't even bring it up. Ice montreal has played their ass off an dominated when they had the empty net and they couldn't do anything they just couldn't do anything with it. Now there's twenty six. The puck goes into the crowd that they're going to face off to the right of price. I'm sorry mafia. You're watching this. They haven't gotten one shot since they pulled flurry. A minute. thirty nine left on even decent attempt because montreal has clamp down on them like for hours. This game's over. I can't believe that they can't even get a shot now. Anything's possible they could score. In twenty seconds left they could get a shot in score. I won't deny that but they have not had one shots and say pulled flurry. And you know you're listening. We were talking about how much they're throwing the on them and once you know. We talked about that with three minutes. Let's macho just went to a shell everything in his own every guy there maybe be set one guy and just kill some time with it. But they're not any they're just staying there. The blue line three guys across the blue line two guys back and making sure it's hard for vegas t even get in little and get a shot off. That's it that's it. It's over montreal. One they cleared it came over. Go home vegas go back to your cars drive back in that hundred sixteen degree heat and have a beer when he get home. Because you just lost a vance are so mad. Meanwhile they couldn't score on my target. They wouldn't blow it up three nothing. They win it three two. They got it done and of course vegas is starting fights now on the ice. They're so mad that they lost. They don't know what hit them. They thought that they going to sweep this series. And then it was gonna be an easy better work and they were going to the stanley cup finals. No no problem and now at the end of this game. I don't know what the hell's going on in the ice right now. But the game's over montreal wanted three to it's over. No one's going to do anything. There's going to be a fight. That'd be a thing montreal. one just one home-ice they're going to montreal to the bell honor. I'm telling you. Mafia tonight gave them a huge blow. Load confidence moving forward. I think vegas is in trouble going to montreal the way they played tonight. Montreal learn one thing off and that's that they can beat this team by pounding them into submission. They beat him with physicality they beat them checking. They beat them along the walls. They beat them everywhere. I just wanna look at. I have to see it for myself. They got out shot but they out hit him. Fifty three forty five. I am telling you they out They won the faceoffs fifty eight to forty one percent. They said to power play goals. They gave up no power play goals. Billy had they had two penalties in the game. They block twenty four shots and they didn't turn the puck over vegas dead ten times so i thought montreal won the game with physicality flat-out physicality they out hit them. They dominated everywhere on the ice. The walls the corners behind the net in front of the net. There was never there was never in my view. A player for vegas in front of the net the entire night. They cleaned out that crease. Like a spring housecleaning and now is it and you give that guy price that kind of protection in front of him he's already a brick wall let alone if you have to go through brick walls which is what they did they put up another brick wall in front of him and he's already a killer and that's it three to montreal in it. I gave you the puck line. Today on costa seeing grab the one and a half on the puck line at a good price and i also said i was scared to death. I lost the bat on the money. But i told you today i go. I'm scared to death to bet on vegas three to one odds tonight because of keri price i cannot lay that number. It's just brutal. I was scared to death. Delay that because that's how good he is and they won to game because of it so there you go Now you go back to the the nba game and the clippers. Were down five at the half and now they're up to so how about this. In the first half the jazz it's seventeen three pointers and only led by five and now they're down three with eight and a half left in the third now. Obviously this game is not going to stay this way. I mean it's gonna swing like like waves in the ocean. All i know is they. Were up five the half on seventeen threes when you had seventeen threes in the first half and you only leave by five. Is that not a problem mafia. I mean you had seventeen threes. You should be up by fifteen twenty points you should. I mean the big thing for them. Not i was spotted. Mitchell do anything and it really hasn't done anything yet either. Still ten points right now but on three hundred seven shooting two three to start the game and through most first half really do much and then now he's not hitting right now. He's one of four since then. So that's a big. Thank them as he has to get going. you know. sit back and let these guys do everything themselves. You're not gonna win that way. You are the main guy. Paul george a great game. Yeah i mean. We talked about how he had. Reggie jackson step up. You know paul. George gets a lot of crap for being you know playing off p where he doesn't win at all on any team. You've taken the reins right now saying listen. I wouldn't even with quite not here. He's doing a great job reggie jackson student. Okay he's only got ten. Marcus morris is what has really stepped up big time help out and back him up without kawhi so you really need more wide right now. He needs to take this game over. I'm not saying take all the shots not do anything but a buck. Donald ended three in the second half yet. These other guys are doing okay. You know clarkson's been kind of doormen as well as they got back out of the break which leads to take over and get these guys going. Well i mean having a good game he's got fourteen or a couple of minutes into the there's eight minutes left in the third so he could easily go over twenty. He's got fourteen now. I think that the key for me is is. What i'm seeing is that they have done a great job guarding mitchell and not letting him kill them. He's only got. He's had three threes in the game. That's it he's at Three threes and a free throw so he's got ten points and that's not good enough for a guy that's forty five point games in this series. All i know is when you go forty plus and now you've got ten. There's a lot of people to bet on him to go forty plus tonight and they have shut him down. That's just all there is to it. And then when you look at paul. George you could save whatever you want about people in general. Say he's overrated. He's this. He's that literally quiet and georgia high-scoring tandem and the lady in the playoffs at forty nine percent of their bugs. Come from those two twice plan and everybody knew what. Pg had to do and he went out and he did it. He's got twenty six and ten boards. He's ten fifteen from the floor to four from downtown. That's all you need to know. He's got twenty six and ten. He's already already exceeded expectations. That's a huge game for anybody. You go twenty six and.

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