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Break this episode of this week in Google is brought to you by Capterra Capterra Capterra so cool is the leading free online resource to help you find the best software solution for your business. If you're like I we need software for the business. I've no place no idea where to start to compare to even know what's out there well. That's what Capterra is best at If you can lessen your workload you do it and that's what you can do with Capterra. It just cuts that workload down because it does all the hardwork for you. Capterra helps you find the right software for your needs fast compare thousands thousands of software options reviews instantly narrow your favorites so you can find the right software right now and that's Capterra dot com slash twig with over one million reviews of products from real software users. You can discover everything you need to make. An informed decision has validation that you can trust see he can be then be confident with purchase that you're making so don't forget to leave a review yourself. That's what improves the community over time and makes it even more of a valuable label resource. You can continue to help capterra the leading free online resource for software solutions searched more than seven hundred specific categories of software everything from digital title workplace software to video management software. No matter what kind of software your business needs capterra makes it easy to discover the right solution fast and Capterra capterra believes the software makes the world a better place because software can help every organization becoming more efficient effective version of itself and just when you start going through the category lists you're GonNa see just how detailed and and and specific it can get you you. You didn't even realize there was software specifically for computer re repair shops or conflict checking software or consignment software. We're just in the seas. We're at a small part of the seas right now. That's what you're gonNA defined there. hop down yes. I'm following whatever you pull it up their employee. Scheduling of course there's plenty of software for that emissions management and all across the board just jump in there and find a category and you'll be amazed at just how much software exists there and then of course the tools Capterra for comparing them finding a few you is great but what if you WanNa know feature by feature was something has a piece of software has or even you know features that you didn't even know existed how they rate. That's what it's all about..

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