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Wake up with al is most to listen to morning show with the Ryan on LA's number one hit music station and I heart radio station the you should see yeah thank this thing came from so both thank you please so so so you think you and the he say he she me too he can still sing but she will sing this is se so thank you thank you I said that the you said she's maybe it's because somewhere that is because the band sold out jingle ball art is the Billy honest man kiss FM Frankie very early on a Wednesday we appreciate you having us on the track by Selena Gomez coming up in minutes the best place to find the body me and my friends at the table do a conversation with just me and trust me I'll give it my hands and the man in the you know I mean come on now I made my the thank you with this week came we and we go in now on the first day leave the circle you can name again late I was suppose sour and I am in the okay and the taxi taxi the problem is the the it is time to Hey guys this is Tom Smith this is live on one or two point seven kiss FM LA's number one hit music station the human in me I mean back in in in we just keep new music number one hit music station one or two point seven K. seven and of course you can find the Latin or DM so what a course on social media men Instagram Twitter at one eighty seven kiss FM got Selena Gomez lose you to Love Me he is the whole cell phone so and use.

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