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Explore the whole range of cannon brand active lifestyle products visit us at can i brands dot com that c h n i v o r h i n d s dot com and of course user biz twenty promo code for twenty percent off new morning garber ontario where he grew up playing minor hockey chief of the don meals flyers you move on to play in ontario hockley first three seasons as a part of the shoe sainte marie greyhounds after a second season gel he was drafted in the sixth round hunter twentyfirst overall by the philadelphia fraught flyers he did return to be oh eight shelters third and final season and it's sixty four games he put up a staggering hundred and eight points in two under nine penalty minutes that was enough deland this guy a job in the nhl in his first you're at a junior on a very good philadelphia flyers team he went on the plate eighteen seasons for six different teams accumulating one hundred are sorry one thousand one hundred and forty four nhl games four hundred forty goals in five hundred and twelve assists per nine hundred and fifty two points but scoring goals is in all of this guy did you is one of the top us customers around he had a combined hundred and seventy two fighting majors sixteen of which were in playoffs after his lustrous playing career a whiz over you don't jump right into coaching where he start as an assistant with the colorado avalanche over the course of the last eighteen years he helped coach as an assistant head coach four five different teams and you can now be found behind the arizona coyotes bench as the boss please welcome rick talk to the spitting chiklis podcast wow man you google that was an hour ago didn't know that took me about three hours this out i i'm i'm a little slow in that kind of stuff if they if they really time consuming and it really fries my brain staring at my screen yeah well the hockey card you get some of that stuff google hot of good stuff some good stuff you know hockey pd beyond his years you worried i do all my own notice okay we have a lot to talk about yeah you you had a long playing career you're you're now coaching and we also have some fan questions and i did a little dirt dig in on you from something year old teammates okay that's it depends on the guy though well it's it's all the fun ones and we've had some of the podcast i guess i'll start with this sean burke the same question a childhood like a blue colored by dallas mechanic mechanic 'em you know my mom worked in a kind of a daycare is a cook talion upbringing you know they might you know the old dad came over on a on a boat suffer my mom a couple of years later you know like a romantic story right and then a born in scarborough ontario grew up there and 'em went to wexford highschool free year two and then what the same mike's downtown there a you know kind of where the suit and tie that police member they all boys school and then it got a draft much december so yeah i love toronto great city all around you drafted neo h l a fourth round okay fourth round so similar to you're nhl draft you were like a highly touted guy yeah you know not ugly choppy skater you know i figure i you know i thought i got the job.

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