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What you see the pictures of the ship going through with all the icebergs and then you see the the ice you know cracking and falling into the water and people whale watching i mean that's that's what i envision allen are we gonna see whales if we go there you are i mean no matter what time of year people ask the question about the migration of the whales the migratory hats and of course there are a migratory whales that will go up and then back along the western coast down to chicago and that here in mexico and in particular my say travel there are also positive oils that don't leave it all they they're not migratory much and they're they're that's why they actually tour operators that are up there offer opportunity for in guarantee that you'll see wales somewhere up there on your trip during those who basically extortion say you can take part in as well as obviously different times of the year you might sam as shift to sailing northbound or southbound depending on the direction you go and you're doing a cruise of course that's where you're going to see him in particular areas and they analysts in particular issue open up and going into such a glacier bay national park those are actually great areas for feeding opportunities for these beautiful wales and for marine wildlife also the seward which probably the actual best area for marine wildlife is around seward and the peninsula there is just chock full of marine wildlife then you can see an experience that no matter what time of year you go you have an opportunity to seem wales whether it's on an excursion or possibly from the ship itself depending on what you're doing and direction that you're going will take part in depending on where you're going and going into areas but most importantly focusing on those areas are going in and out of the glacier experience either going into yak attack day for hubbard glacier or going into glacier bay itself which is spectacular i would love to do that and i would have to have a balcony abn to do that but let's see we only have about two more minutes but since we're talking about wildlife i want to find out is.

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