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Thirty s. Yes. Welcome back to the John Whitmer show on S thirteen thirty. You know, we've got by the way, I wanna make sure folks know, we do have our call lines open. We've already had a couple of calls tonight. Three one six eight six nine thirteen thirty with us right now is Chuck Weber. Chuck is a former legislator. That's how I got to know. Chuck. Thank you for joining me. I think this is your second time on your like a repeat offender now. Fender. Appreciate the invitation, though think well, of course was. It was because of this topic because it's the topic on life. I wanted to get perspective with someone who really knew the issue who was learn it in it who could speak intelligently, not only about the topic. But also, you know, how in your case how the Catholic community responds, and in particular what we've seen in New York. This the Bill that they've passed where you literally can have an abortion up until birth. Right. It's just disgusting. Actually, a little after actually. Yeah. I mean, I don't know how how can anyone in good conscience? Even if you are in your heart of hearts, pro-choice, right? How can you vote for that? Yeah. It's a tough one for for rational minds to to get their heads wrapped around what we're talking about Democrats. So you gotta take rash landlines. Yeah. But, but but there are some some pro-choice Republicans out there to just to be fair. But but. I think for me, it's. It's personal many of the legislators, no, my son, Billy he has down syndrome. I I was brought him up last year the legislature, and and so Billy's going to be twenty three next week. And just a great young man nine out of ten down syndrome kids who are diagnosed in the womb are aborted. And I it's just to me it's not so much infuriating. It's just sad that we have this disregard for life and. And it flows then to all other aspects of our culture and so. For New York. I mean, really just over the top just it really is infanticide. And the fact that people are trying to defend it. I think it's been a bad week for those. And you said it it's mostly the Democrats, but but anyone else who's trying to defend infanticide. It's been a tough week for them. Even if the the secular news media, the mainstream media is has their back. Oh, yeah. You're right. And I'm glad you brought up Billy because I've met Billy awesome. Billy watching a couple of parades for us. But you know, my, and I think you know this. My aunt Sarah, Jane who lived to be well in her fifties had Down's my cousin Dougie had Down's, and he also lived into his and they were I mean, obviously, they weren't driving. But they were very productive. They had great full lives. Yeah. Had my grandmother made that choice. And you're right about the sad state. I mean, I was going through in prep for this show. And I looked I saw CNN watched a story where they were defending the killing of babies late-term abortions calling pro-life people extremists. Right. And then you have House Democrats now for three times have this is at the federal level have blocked a Bill to stop infanticide. And then you have the dismemberment abortion that. Is still going on? And we've got I mean where that standing right now in Kansas. You're in Kansas right, now live dismemberment abortion is taking place today between one and two a day on average, actually, according to Kansas department of health and environment. It's like one point six one point seven on average a day. So, you know, about a dozen babies a week in Kansas are being aborted with and just it's almost just too much to describe what the process is. But with the procedure is, but the supreme court and not to drag our viewers our listeners to too far into the weeds. They can watch it too. Yeah. They can watch. Right. Okay. Watch the podcast watch the podcast. But I mean, so basically we passed a law, you know, a few years ago that said live disarmament abortion is illegal and a district court. Judge said, Nope that's unconstitutional. So then that was kicked up to the appeals court level and the appeals court judges tied seventy seven in that kicked it up to the state supreme court. And now they've been sitting on it now for almost two years. In the meantime, we have between one and two a day taking place in Kansas. It's a sad state of this is. They are using the I guess it's the liberty cause or the right clause in the constitution the preamble that says, right, right? And that's somehow he found a right? So one of the things I wanted to do. And I'm glad you mentioned it's difficult to describe. Yeah. So I found a clip and this dates back to I believe it was November. Congress was having hearings on banning late-term and dismemberment abortion. And I would ask the listeners to bear with us on this. It's a little it's about two minutes. But please listen. This is absolutely worth listening to and and I will tell you right now. It's you cannot come away from this without having it affect you in some way or another go ahead and play clip number two. Now now begin by. Introducing today's witnesses the first witnesses, Dr Anthony Levitt, Tino, doctor Levin, Tino is a board certified obstetrician gynecologist over the course of his career. Doctor Levin, Tino has practice obstetrics gynecology in both private and university settings including as an associate professor of OBGYN at the Albany Medical College in doctor Levin, Tino, we'll begin with you. Welcome. Thank you, chairman and members of the committee. I only have five minutes I'm going to get right to it. Second trimester Dini abortions performance between roughly fourteen and twenty four weeks of just station. Your patient today is seventeen years old. She's twenty two weeks pregnant her baby is the length of your hand plus a couple of inches, and she's been feeling her baby kick for the last several weeks, but she's asleep on an operating room table, you walk into that operating room scrubbed and gowned and after removing Laminaria you introduce a suction catheter into the uterus. This is a fourteen French suction catheter if she were twelve weeks pregnant or less, basically, the width of your hand or smaller, you could basically do the entire procedure with this, but babies this big don't fit through catheters this size after sectioning the fluid out from around the baby you introduce an instrument called a Sofer clamp. It's about thirteen inches long. It's made of stainless steel the business end of this clamp is about two and a half inches long and a half inch wide rows of sharp teeth. This is a grasping. Instrument when it gets a hold of something. It does not let go. Dini procedures a blind abortion. So picture yourself. Introducing this and grabbing anything you can blindly and Paul, and I do mean, hard and out pops a leg about that big which you put down on the table next to you. Reaching again, pull again, call out an arm about the same length, which you put down on the table next to you and use this instrument again, and again to tear out the spine the intestines, the heart and lungs. Head and the baby that size about the size of a large Plum can't see it. But you pretty good idea. You got it. If you've got your instrument around something in your fingers are spread about as far as they go. You know, you did it right? If you crush down on the instrument white material runs out of the service that was the baby's brains, and you could pull out skull pieces, and you have a day. Like, I had a lot of time. Sometimes a little face comes back and stares back at you. Congratulations. You just successfully performed a second trimester Dini abortion. You just affirmed her right to choose. And there you haven't and yet. We couldn't when we passed the dismemberment abortion Bill in Kansas. It didn't pass unanimously. It would barely made the threshold. Yeah. It's I mean, really there are no words. There's there's nothing that I can say. That can convey the whore. Sanitary description by this doctor. And again, this is happening. You know once or twice a day in Kansas right now. Because somehow a doctor a cork has determined that our law is not going to protect this child. And it's just you know, it's very personal. Also another level. I come from a big family. I'm a second also of eleven kids and also just recently this weekend, my daughter who lives out of town came and brought her newborn baby in and you listen to this doctor describing this, and you hold these these babies in your arms, and it's again, there are no words to describe the horror that the indignity of of humanity that is perpetrated upon these babies, and it's not just I wanted to also say it's not just a legislative issue. Pope, John Paul the second talked about a culture of life. And so we I think have to work at a culture of life, not just like pro birth, which is sort of a shot that people take it to the Catholic church very often. But we. Have to affirm the dignity of the human person once they're born to. And I think the Catholic church does a good job of that actually Catholic charities. We have Anthony family shelter. We have Guadalupe clinic we have Gerard house actually for mothers in crisis. So those are some things, but the Catholic church and people of faith can't do it all themselves. It has to be a culture that each and every one of us have to work on each and every day. Yeah. You here and stuff like that. And for those who want to he goes on for another. He they gave them five minutes, and he goes on and talks about how many he used to perform. And why he no longer does it, and you made the comment that he was very clinical in his description, right? He breaks down at one point in the testimony talking about this and why he no longer performs these. And yet I loved how he ended that little bit of his segment by you've just affirmed her right to choose because the left will make this out as if it's a glorious defence of women's rights with no regard to the murder victim in the room. This last Friday night one of my bosses Archbishop Joseph nominee from Kansas City. Kansas was in Wichita careful banquet. He was a speaker there. And he talked about the conversion that abortion providers have had over the years where you talk about this live dismemberment abortion, and one of the jobs is making sure that all of the body parts of the baby are out of the of the mom, and you kind of reconstruct put put the baby back together. And that reality of human life has been a conversion point for many abortion providers in the pro-life movement. I call it pro-life. It's not just antiabortion. It's yes antiabortion, but it's pro-life, and and science is really on our side, you know, young people today, they have a lot of kind of goofy ideas about a lot of things. But. By and large young people today understand that when you look at a sonogram, that's a baby that's human life right there. That's my brother. That's my sister. That's my neighbor. And so I think this is particularly. Difficult for folks to try and defend abortion now because we have science on our side. And we have people who have worked in the field, Abby Johnson. And there's a new movie coming out with her. They know the reality of the situation. And so we just have to on the ground. We talked to our neighbors, whoever we have to speak with compassion. We have to understand that women are sometimes placed in very difficult situations, but that we have to affirm that child's life, first and foremost. Yeah. No, you're you're absolutely right. When we get back. We'll talk a little bit about some of the other issues. I know we kind of got a little deep into it here. Thanks trying to.

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