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That's what mook soft does all those alerts and tickets light up like a christmas tree it's it's not making you more productive it's just stressing out at at you know at best it's teaching you to ignore them at worst it's turning into a wreck good news you can immediately reduce the noise with moog soft a ops ai in this case algorithms it algorithm ick it ops reduces your it alerts and tickets by ten ninety nine percent guarantee but it does it in a smart way offs patented technology correlates events collapses them down into actionable work items they call them situations and that's really what you want you got a situation here's what you can do get you focused on tackling the stuff that matters release it's quite amazing i'll give you an example hcl technologies which is a global it managed service provider you can imagine if you're in the manage service providing business for it you got many clients you don't just have the alerts for the one you have mall they have a awardwinning dry ice platform that's that's how they keep track of all this stuff and they incorporated mook soft ai ops is the event management layer within dry ice they say that's helped its clients this is hcl technologies talking streamline operational workflows reduce time in the detect to correct life cycle of instant tickets and this is the one this is the number you want to thirty three percent reduction of meantime to restore that's a big improvement enabling them to support more customers with service quality and keeping operational costs low efficiency high it'll work for you it works l technologies and and they're dry ice platform with moog soft ai ops reducer i taylor tickets by ninety nine percent right now go to mook soft dot com you can get a demo m double o g s o o f t i was telling a paul the cal logo for mook softer wanted they wanted moose off because they like cows couldn't get that but they also like synthesizers so.

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