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But by the same response. Do you like turnpike troubadours. I would say that in our live audience here. There's definitely majority in the turnpike crowd camera. People i'm gonna cave. I got sick. What he picked the jury i'm going to. I'm gonna canvas partner on this jason before you before we started listening. This did you ever listen to turbine. I never listened to a song. I didn't even know they had the jenin lies and smoking. Whatever that was. I had no idea. Okay so i knew that they played at the food trucks. I knew they left before it started. But that's the extent of my knowledge of the band ringing. Endorsement of turnpike troubadours. So you tell me. I told you my experience when i first started listening to these albums the very first thing you thought when you kicked off what what did you. What which one of them in general. Just let's let's stick with turn. There's a lot of fiddle fiddle right like wear you out fiddled. There's a lot of fiddle fiddles not my favorite instrument to just to be clear on that upfront. Nothing really i like. Violence is fun. Yeah violated film. I the physical genre music is being played. There was a lot of fiddle. Sure sure and i'm standing by that. So where we wanted to do tonight for you is talk a little bit about red dirt country music because traditionally if you come to being go. Hey michael i've got some red dirt country i want you to listen to. I'm gonna say. Hey man i appreciate you. So much have a great night conversations over but but let's talk a little bit about their country music. You guys hop into here. It's dan you went to school at oklahoma what year. What year did you graduate from. Well i went to law school up there. And i graduated two thousand fifteen so i know what you call thirty two oklahoma cheerleaders lined up in a row. A full set of teeth. I i still got oklahoma. Texas oklahoma people. Dan didn't applauded thanks. The don't hold that against which you were. You were there in. Norman oklahoma during the When this album came really really the birth of read their this fifteen. Yeah yeah yeah. I probably just left there. So you were there when red dirt country was really starting to dominate. That part of the world right. I think it's been dominating there for a long time. And they've sort of had to scenes like growing up around here We kinda call it texas country for a long time until you know. We realized a lot of the people that we were listening to were from oklahoma. Certainly it's sorta changed the thing but in cross canadian ragweed with huge and sort of the the turn of the century or millennium whatever Great divide was another big jason baldwin. And we were listening to these guys in collin at texas country had no idea. Where was that all like early. Odds yeah early ninety stuff like that was big at the time and he was sort of the face of trump. I'm very familiar with. He's he's a red right. I mentioned roger. Krieger aggie henry red writer. I know somebody out. There is going to perk up agreeing to be read okay. Hundred percent especially okay but in the beginning what about like rubber or keen hundred percent. He's walking rather he's one of the pillars of you. Know that i guess texas country scene back in the days before this sort of merge and meld of texas and oklahoma at least you know there's probably people out there that know a lot about history and they'd say wrong but you know in texas guys like jerry jeff walker and robert earl keen allow love it right hand in oklahoma yet guys like tom. Skinner and bob shoulders and you had This sort of oklahoma influence and then you had some texas guys and then somewhere around the late nineties. Early 'oughts this all sorts of come together and you've got sort of these guys turn with each other and it becomes less texas country or local country or whatever and it becomes sort of this country thing at least in my perception. Okay so all you got that all combined together into one thing eventually kind of organically so okay. Sure and jason i. In the past we tend to focus on texas musicians. But i was gonna say. I like rob looking great fighting texas aggie class of nineteen seventy nine. I love it. We're going to blame everybody out there with a drink. Every time he says aggie have to drink. You need your bad. I promise you know what challenged me. I'm gonna get everybody's so drunk if you keep this up and everybody remember delacruz. I just wanted to clarify that. So you rub raquin that. I would consider that You know there's nobody. I think in that sort of sub-genre or the acts that we were talking about that hasn't either toured with robert earl keen cover one of his songs and rural keane is such. You guys have seen him out here. Dr fantastic to you had to go watch at an. You had to go watch them. You get your diploma your heads because it was just like drink. Drink drink everybody. Hey so where would you put somebody late. Changing mercury in that says That's just pure like texas americana. He's got a song called choctaw. Bingo read. That's why i was curious hundred percent so i would say that god's lag james mcmurtry and i would probably try to loop todd snider into this very american. He's he's a national guy. Lives in places influenced by jerry jeff walker ryan. What about steve. Earle's and jason is bells very similar. And they may not be red dirk from this area or not doing this thing but you know americana and sort of red dirt. It becomes hard to draw the line between them. Would you consider that its own. Like jason is bill james it mirjam they went americana rewards and stuff like that you would consider those all be one like sub-genre of which is all red dirt or would you consider a dirt the big genre. I would consider if i had to. You have to renter would be sort of a a regional sect of americana okay. Okay fair enough in really jason is bull is he's muscle shoals right right absolutely phenomenal songwriter. It's turgid really is he's got a song called kentucky right tyler phenomenal and i'm glad you said tyrod shows because he was on my top twelve this year and his his album that came out to share a long violent history. There are a couple songs in here. They i mean you can hear it. I mean that that fiddle saw is like straight up. Everybody doing this and then you have culture wall. That's actually from and he's like the like manitoba canada. Yeah but this is guy who's kind of playing within this space. So i'm glad you said that because the history of of music specifically within.

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