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To friend Angie what's up brother how you doing what's up and you know you don't want I am over there you'll probably get a hold Leon is he's across the hall of justice to set this up for that but I don't know how you could you know but WGCI in the morning he's our on our sister station he any does many things as a television show is a comedian he's but activists he's a leader in our community and we couldn't think of anyone else better to talk to this morning to sort of tell us what where do we begin what what what what do you think it yeah you guys are in there all day yesterday yes we were yeah so yeah what are you thinking man ma ma ma ma home is my friend as I sit and speak to you today is with a heavy heart and to be quite honest with you ninety percent of me is filled with anger and just to be one hundred to watch that man be executed like that on camera and have seen many of the black man executed candor to land okay Neil garner when you hear about Trayvon Martin when you hear about Sandra bland and nothing comes from these things I want people to understand I'm not promoting violence or condoning violence against anybody or any person but there's only so much so so so much you can do there's only so much you can keep boiling a situation to liberals over and this George Floyd is a boilover like there's a breaking point yeah the stuff that's going on in Chicago these young men and women are angry now I'm not talking about the people there are two types of people first of all let's explain it there are people that want to expose racism in the police force expose what happening to African American men and women out here on the streets and then there's people that want to explore I'm not talking about the people exploiting George Floyd death and just wanted it to the grocery store right the girl steals about those are not the people I'm talking about I'm not that talking about the people that are actually out here each and we can't get a fair answer anywhere we turn we try to do a peaceful thing you try to sit down and talk and it doesn't happen so for me to sit up here and not be honest with you all who are who are loving respect deluca workers nonsense I respect the hell out of everybody over there I can't honestly sit up here and tell you I'm happy with the state of affairs right and and and and quite frankly people nine color won't fully understand what we go through because you don't have to go to apply for it like I could go somewhere with Fred and be treated differently than if I go to the same spot without free right and that's a problem the nets yeah that's the first step and Leah Rogers is not with us and I I've I've been saying it all morning because I think it's so important because I've been asking for guidance to for people like you and and and and other friends of mine in the community you know what what do I say what's the right thing to see because I can never I could never understand what it's like to be you I can empathize I can hurt anything to want for change but I don't know what it's like to be useful so I don't know always what to say what the right thing is what to do except to be supportive and be a listener you know and I am not the one that's the best thing that's the first time being able to listen to a lot of people are not able to listen and they won in polls had a steal the handle on the situation that is just not happen today this is four hundred years of systemic oppression and how people are being treated as less than a third of a person this is in the constitution this is not anything I make it up this is not conjecture at one point in time I don't know if they amended it but in the constitution we were considered as a third of a person you understand what I'm saying so at the end of the day of Fred and you you know the starts with listening estos just sitting in the room and absorb and what's going on and there's been a huge you can you can grow we don't grow up the same way none of us did that's what all makes us unique people but when you say what what can you say to make it right there's really nothing you can say your actions have to speak right because we've heard to tell her we're going to do this with her we're going to do that and then you turn around and the guy stands over a black man like he's a big game on and then you wonder why some people are enraged NMS anyway when king background we will MalcolmX was zeroed in executed so you know it's just a tough time and all I would say is you know if you have friends be receptive shouldn't listen just sit in the room and absorb and soak up what's happening you you'll never feel the pain that they feel I mean it's a shame I have to talk to my daughters my nephews about how to survive a confrontation with the police it is it is that we want to do that we don't have to do that as parents you have to do that and you had to grow up that way and and it's so important I think is well for people that you know don't understand for all those of us that are not in the black community to check people in our lives yep that are saying things or doing things that they're they shouldn't be doing that the jokes that they tell that you know we have six people and tell them why that what they're doing is wrong and I don't think you know you're sitting at there's always that you know that racist uncle at thanksgiving this talking about all his races things you gotta check people and not just sit there and let people you know spread these views in these messages that are completely racist and wrong energy Everett if that doesn't happen then I don't want to come back to me saying we down for it because we know in this which you know not yeah yeah you can't tell me you're not in this with me because one is said and done you're going to go back to your peaceful area where you live and I have to deal with this yeah like I said I shouldn't have to talk to my kids about if you get pulled over driving my car this is how you got to deal with police should not have to do that at the father because now not only am I worried about him just being out in the world as teens or whatever but not a word about the people that are paid to protect them looking at them crazy and doing some wrong swim and you know it just comes down to understanding this and be quiet Sidna won't listen to your plans see what they're going to see what they're going through because you can't tell them what they are if you can't tell them what they're going to you have to listen yeah watch yet to be resolved you have to be receptive and like you said when you see somebody acting up with their firm that's a little off color chapter yes yeah that's it you have a choice we we do have a voice by the way and this is I don't intend to make a political statement you know do what you will but but you know what's what's happening with our community leaders watch what's happening on on the national level and and cast your vote do what it is that you have to do I mean check it that we're talking about prosecutors talk about judges were talking about you know at home ever I mean we have to we have to look at this from every level and I know you have to go oddly a lot Leon Rogers and WCI is our good friend and obviously what he's our competitor but you know what it is yeah I do I want to play one last thing before I leave and you know the offense man you know Iraq which are and I and I don't want people to think this is free and you reaching out today well actually I know we we thought we should that we drink together we take it you know and and I understand where they're coming from Mr it's a good natured thing and I well I want people to understand where I'm coming from is I want you to really see what's going on I want you to see your pain I want to see her but I I and you have got to give a special shout out to your husband Jason he text me at two thirty in the morning and it was crazy god had me up and will cry is there was but we care about because I was so angry I could not sleep and chases worse to me like calming down so that's my man a hundred grand and I try to patch you pose just because it's important for us it's important for us to you know reach out to you and let you know that date I see you and that you matter and that we're with you yeah when I say it was a blessing because you need to start in the morning like out of all people was full and the message that you sent I'm not going **** because after twenty meeting him was was powerful enough to just so you know I I and I let him know that number that you know that and I'll let ya know Opry should shop will give me the platform to talk to your listeners thank you for reading come on right and I we appreciate you we love you and you know I got a busy day but you have a loud voice and a respected voice and that's what we want to do well with us and and I know you're gonna you're gonna share that with the world as as we move forward let's continue to be great Chicago we don't get through this the cold in nineteen and there's George Floyd thing I just want you to recognize the one all I just want you to recognize that saw what you did listen I want you to learn from the African American and people of color and I want you to get in the game if you don't get in the game get in that day and what you got to be at it with both feet you can put one foot in the boat and one foot out that was why it was so important to have you on our show this morning I'll our listeners needed to hear you say that yeah they did yeah thank you preach it you have a great day yes I'd be great the best side let's take a break we'll be back in just a second friend Angie Angie.

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