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Wider back when the Ice Bowl occurred here. But this is right in the area where Bart Starr snuck balling. Maybe a maybe a yard closer and it was iced over. It's a little different right here. Got three robbers here, is it? Yes. He had a shotgun formation for Aaron Rodgers on third down and goal inside the two shotgun snap comes in Helmand. I play action, Rodgers takes the pass rolls to the right. Roger's gonna run and Roger stretches the ball across the goal line in his left hand, and that's a touchdown. Aaron Rodgers past fake pump fake hesitation and then the reach across the goal line to break the plane to give Green Bay the 16 3 leagues. I know what you're thinking. Kevin Kugler, you're thinking. How did James loft and know that the quarterback was going to run it in on this play? Just like Bart Starr did in the Ice bowl. Well, you know, there was a memo that they send out the former Packers from time to time. Tough snap, and it's not able to be put down by JK Scott on the ball pops loose. The extra point is no good snap was wide of the holder. When he tried to place it by the time he got it placed. The timing was off. It was too late, and the extra point is no good. 3 29 remaining in this second quarter, the Packers With a 16 to 3 lead and honesty compels me to report That James Lofton's run description of Aaron Rodgers run not the same run as Bart Starr's run for a touchdown in the ice ball. 16 3 Packers. You're listening to the NFL playoffs on Westwood one. Ever feel like you're great stuff is going to waste because it's not getting used. That's.

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