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Honest. It's not a wall. I'm Pam who sell Fox News. Those words from outgoing White House chief of staff John Kelly who sat down with the L A times. Kelly highlighting the distance at least in language between himself and President Trump Kelly telling the paper what's needed at the border is a physical barrier in certain places technology across the board and more people Kelly also revealing why he stayed eighteen months in the White House. He says military people don't walk away the federal government now nine days into a partial shutdown with both sides seemingly unwilling to budge Democrats say they have given the White House three options to reopen. The government that all three options include funding for border security, but not funding for the president's wall, which they call immoral ineffective and expensive FOX's Ellison barber. President Trump who remained at the White House over the holidays has been taunting Democrats on Twitter. Urging them to come on over and make a deal. A Missouri man is facing more than a dozen charges following a deadly shooting spree. See Charles county prosecutor Tim lomar charged. Forty six year old Richard Darren Emory with the murder of thirty nine year old Kate Katzen her eight year old daughter her ten year old son and her sixty one year old mother Jane mocal reporter, Michelle Maderas with FOX two in Saint Louis shortly after the killings police say Emory exchanged gunfire with police before fleeing on foot. He was tracked down hours later inside a convenience store covered in blood and wounded a man with a history of domestic violence has been identified as the suspect in a triple murder in southern California. David McNab, a former deputy was shot and killed by police over the weekend. After cops say, he murdered his mother sister. And a man inside their home in Santa Barbara county..

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