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It's interesting that you know. Colleges tend to look at those sports differently. But the other point about the differences is that there are two types of sports on a college campus, they're generating revenue generating sports, basketball, and football, and their expenditure sports, which is everything else and those two revenue generating sports pay for the existence of those other sports and those revenue generating sports are predominated by black males, Shaun Harper. Who's now at USC did a brilliant study that which he updates from time to time when he was at UPN, which pointed out just underscored for everyone that less than three percent of all graduates on major college campuses are black males yet they make up fifty and sixty percent of those two revenue generating sports, which means back Ladimir point that the primary reason that they're on a college campus in the first place is not to be educated, but to generate revenues via athletics for those unit. You know, we've just got less than a minute to go here. And I know we've focused on the NCW and this last half of the conversation because obviously it's a huge issue. But but Kevin we started by talking about, you know, the NBA WNBA, we should've mentioned the NFL as well. I mean, these are huge or powerful rich organizations. I mean, don't you think that we're gonna see pushback from the organizations as well. Oh, there's there's no question ever since the eight mid eighteen eighties. When John Montgomery ward. As a baseball player tried to organize his his brethren to fight against ownership in management for for better treatment, we've been dealing with this and the WNBA is a players associates is going to be in a fight. We're going to have the NFL agreement expires soon. They're going to be in a fife everyone's going to be pushing back because this is a fight over dollars. Well, Kevin Blackstone ESPN panelists and professor of sports journalism at the university of Maryland also writes for the Washington Post as well. Thank you so much for joining. Us today. Kevin. Thank you Meghna and Robert Keough writer in residence and program curator at upper house. A Christian study center at the university of Wisconsin. He's also editor of the literary magazine the point former division three soccer player at Wheaton college in Illinois, as well rubber Keough, very grateful that you could join us today. Thank you. So very much. Thank you for having me. Great to be with you. I'm making to talk. This is on point..

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