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Way down among Brazilians coffee beans, drove by the billions. So they've got to find those extra cups to fill. Got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil. You can't get cherry soda prospect got to fill that quota Hanaway things out bad. Never will. Tons of coffee and president. Yeah. Sing it Frankie. That's true. John Danna pinch hitting for jimbohannon. So Dunkin donuts is going to drop the term that people don't like which one. Would it be doughnuts? Now CBS reports tonight doughnuts remain on the menu. But Dunkin donuts is shortening its name to Dunkin to reflect its increasing emphasis on coffee and other drinks as well as sandwiches earlier this year, the company tested, the new name at a store in the Boston suburb of Quincy, the change will officially take place in January when the Dunkin name will start appearing solo on napkins boxes and signs at all. It's US stores. It's one of several things doing to stay relevant. The streamlined stores to will sell a minimum of what Dunkin calls it's eighteen core. Doughnuts down from about thirty varieties. Now, the market analysts are saying, wait a minute. That brands like KFC and de cue which used to be Kentucky Fried Chicken. And Dairy Queen have made similar mistakes. They wanted to take the emphasis off fried food and ice cream. But new generations don't know what the water stand for an older generations, go. Hey, wait a minute. I can't get my donuts fried food and unhelpful ice cream. So this they're going with a brand identity. They're losing a brand identity with donuts in air says it's marketing analyst long-term, it was helping him giving them a brand identity that was the opposite of Starbucks. So I'm asking you. I predict the Bohannon show is going to go with Dunkin' now there might be some lying here though. So if you wanna get in your car producer now eight six six fifty JIMBO if you're willing to be the first star Bucky in to call in Starbucks fans and admitted you elitist. It was leading him compete with everybody says bad things about Starbucks that they can't get enough pumpkin latte there. So are you dunking or Starbucks? I don't see how you can be both. I just don't think to the match. You can't say one morning Yam Dunkin this morning, I'm Starbucks come on. Now. That's crazy talk. All right. Let's go to Kevin in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hey, kevin. Welcome in. Thank you very much for having me. Your welcome. Hey, what's your name, by the way? It's dumb. It's dumb your dano. Kevin Dom DOM? Hey dom. So I was listening to your conversation. I am a Starbucks elitist by the okay, good, man. One of the few in the we go right ahead. Absolutely. I triple a lot pay it might drink Dom. Okay. I was listening to your conversation about taking the donuts at Dunkin donuts. I mean, that's like taking the burger out a Burger King. What are they thinking? Well, what they're thinking is, you know, that donuts are not helpful people. Don't wanna even if they're eating the donuts just getting coffee. This is the same thing. I just mentioned Kentucky Fried Chicken called itself. KFC why? Well, we don't want to say we fry stuff. I think I think everybody's losing their mind. I don't even know what to say any more dumb. But thanks first voter here. Thank you. Kevin good to hear from you. Now, we got one Starbucks vote. A man willing to admit it. And he's asking the question. Why are they doing it? I told you either doing it. They think there's better appeal here to losing it and just saying Dunkin, and they claim they tested it out. It's nuts yet last night. It was people saying Weight Watchers can't call themselves Weight Watchers anymore. It's body shaming. If you miss that. Now, it's dunking Gary in Georgetown, Delaware joins us on the Jim Bohannon show. All right, Gary, Dunkin or Starbucks. To be completely honest with the I used to be a Starbucks guy. Political political standing I put my foot in the sand. And I'm like, I'm not going to support it because I didn't agree with it. So am I don't know. But it doesn't really matter to me. For your free. You're a free agent out there. Okay. So I I admire. Well, I come from. We have a chain store called wa wa. Where do you think? I am. I am in capital of. Wow. Off in Philadelphia. Sure. Oh, okay. I didn't know exactly where you were at my. No, it's okay. While we're out there nationwide. Starbucks and Dunkin would have to close up you, and I know it. Yeah. Yeah. They make a really good law. It's not as expensive. And I don't get that part. That's a whole different thing. This is that whole fat shaming nonsense. They want to be able to go in there needed doughnut without feeling bad about it. Yes. That's exactly right. That's why they're taking a doughnuts. I'm not eating doughnuts. I'm going get into coffee. What is he do to kill yourself? You're admitting you wanna Donut or cops going to not go to Dunkin. Now, I mean come on. Thank you, Gary very much. All right. So we got former starbuck in now reformed. He's off the Starbucks path. Eight six six fifty JIMBO this is some kind of fat shaming or take donuts out of it. How can you have Dunkin donuts without the doughnuts in the title? Let's go to Dunkin that means we're just getting coffee. Well, why are you getting it dozen donuts while, but it's not really donuts. It's just Dunkin eight six six fifty JIMBO. That'll get you onboard eight six six fifty JIMBO. And they say here that brand people, even if people think doughnuts around helpful. They know they can just get coffee while they enjoy the doughnut smell. Oh, come on. You gotta be kidding me. You're not gonna just enjoy that smell. You're putting yourself in the devils tempo. Here of the doughnut, you know, what's going to happen. That's going to be big trouble. Eight six six fifty JIMBO will get you on board are you Starbucks, or are you Dunkin donuts, and if everybody that went to Starbucks went own up to it. We'd get an honest count. They must be it is America's I guess Dunkin donuts seems to be bigger than me than Starbucks. But you gotta realize people spend an awful lot of time in Starbucks. They just don't run in and get stuff. So presumably they're buying more over the period of time that the rain, Starbucks and Dunkin donuts, certainly is not political like, Starbucks is tremendously political. I'm here in Philadelphia where they had that big incident with the demand and not being able to sit and opening up the bathrooms and all that stuff. It's up just about ten blocks away from where I'm seated right now. So talking about this because corporate America just is being shamed. Into bad decisions. Americans love doughnuts. There's no doubt about it. It's a bad food. Let's face it as far as health reasons and all that. Right. Why would you take that out of your title? You got a brilliant title America, runs on Dunkin Dunkin donuts. The whole deal associated with that. Why give that up because a lot of corporations get talked into this by saying oils and younger customers and customers in the future. They're not gonna like that. They're gonna move away from you take fried out of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Take dairy out of Dairy Queen some are another just call A D Q, I'm gonna I'm not getting any milkshakes. Nope. Nope. No milkshakes. For me, no Kentucky Fried Chicken. I'm going to KFC. And I'm just gonna everybody Duncan after that. Why are we camouflaging what the product is? Because of this obsession because of what the consultants tell people. Meanwhile, with the NFL thing, I was talking about Nike stock is increased by six billion with a B dowers since they made capper Nick the face of their anniversary just do it. So they may have been smarter than we thought we thought there'd be a tremendous backlash in there is some but apparently among younger consumers, it's working. Let's go to Emily and Danbury, Connecticut. All right. Emily, are you Dunkin or are you Starbucks? Well, actually, I'm I prefer Starbucks. I've signed Dunkin donuts coffee to be Jerry week. Okay. Fine. Starbucks to be a little bit too strong and a little bit to better. And I always say that if Starbucks is the first coffee Cup that I'd ever had. I never would have had a second. That's a good line. Yeah. But I I do prefer it because it's it's it's strong, and I like strong coffee, but I just wanted to throw in a little bit of trivia that I think is probably true the way that Dunkin donuts started was that they had a a doughnut that was basically shaped like a like a frying pan. It had a little key things sticking out. There was a handle, and you could hold that. And don't Hunkin. I didn't know that. Yeah. Wonder where the okay. We'd we'd have to fact check that. But I think that's how they started with the name there. But I I worked in a Dunkin donuts when I was in college back in the seventies. And it was in the town right across from the. Train station. Right. And we had the doughnuts that had the little handle. And I went to a Dunkin donuts many years later looking for that particular kind of doughnut because it was as far as I was concerned their their trademark Donut and son of a gun they stopped making them. Well. Yeah. They were they were they were kind of neat. There were kind of fun. And I think that that's where the name comes a great contribution. Thank you. Thanks very much for the call. Appreciate it. Eight six six fifty JIMBO. So is that where it came from? We got two to nothing on the scoreboard here. No Dunkin donuts every morning or Dunkin. Maybe is this what it's going to be interesting to see the big fail with this. Is this going to increase business? Well, what about the name doughnuts? Where's the doughnuts on the marquee outside? Nope. It's just Dunkin. You can eat all the doughnuts. You want? You're not gonna get fat because we're just Dunkin we're not Dunkin donuts anymore. Don't worry about it. Eat those donuts. Eight six six fifty JIMBO more calls coming up with Dom Giordano here on the Jim Bohannon show..

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Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Yam Dunkin discussed on Jim Bohannon

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