Two Million Acres, Four Hundred Ninety One Thousand Hectares, Two Hundred Four Million Dollars discussed on News and Perspective with Herb Weisbaum


Ground and has been for weeks and as soon as the crew thing they have the upper hand on something it just goes all over again so a hundred and twenty six that their seat down from leaked previous where we saw 100 an eighty closer to i think april first there have been a one nine hundred wildfires and in total four hundred ninety one thousand hectares have burnt i know you guys do acres so i'll let you do them at one point two million acres about moreland are you go so that's how much has burned and we are not even we haven't even hit the peak point of our wildfire season so you can imagine not only is it tougher people who are being forced from their homes but actually causing a lot of money we've burned two hour of firefighting budget and on a provincial level from the government level so for two hundred four million dollars spent just wanna fight the fires onlu one point two million acres is this affecting air traffic a yet at this this point up their way no i'm glad you asked that because just this morning we have the news 1130 air patrol that goes up in the air every morning every afternoon and it's been really tricky for a pilot and our traffic reporters to get out there so this morning uh daring grieve who is in our air patrol was forced to land very quickly they were able to get up and right for the six o'clock asked and and right after they had to come back down they couldn't see anything the conditions were extremely hazy and you know it's dangerous and not only that he can't breathe properly so what's the point of view being up there you can barely make it on the air young really very quickly they flew up and very quickly they landed i believe he didn't ab one live hit is what we call it and uh very quickly had to land and just said i can't do it i can't say anything and you know the risk as we get hit another plane are authorities doing anything pascal mass rioting there to help people get through all the smoke thirty two latter map deal like facemasks face master or anything like that are just tell knows they insider what are they what are the health authorities say well it essentially their thing look.

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