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At the hulu theater. Fat joe jar rule. It's tonight versus battle. Yup they've been talking trash talking going back and forth the fat joe says that you know everybody knows jock out the hits you know our rule early. Two thousand is all about john rule on the radio. So you know he has. The hits buddy told our ruled. I'm going to drag you so job. Like bring it on. They'll see tonight. The question is is going to show. Because you know. Dr ruling fifty have been beefing forever. Yes i sure. Hope fifty doesn't show up. Sure bet does not happen. So we'll be watching the versus battle tonight awesome. We gotta give a shout out. Rick ross steve your boy ricky rosie. He finally finally got his driver's license at the age of forty five. One hundred cars enjoy all this time. Yup yup and he finally passed driver's test and got his life today. Job has been driving. Well he said his mom told him to stop joy riding. So oh there you go. you said it took. It took them about an hour to take dr stance. He didn't get all the answers. A bidding you coming up in twenty minutes. More of the steve harvey morning show right after this. You're listening to to morning. Show all right so we might not feel any chris cool weather yet. Because we're still you know still in summer but fall is just a few weeks away and it's the ideal time to prioritize habits that can keep you healthy and full of energy before Before i get to those healthy tips. Quick question for steve now steve. Are you focused on your on your health stephen. The guys focused. Okay all right. I'll elevated this week. I've even elevated okay all right well. Here's some tips to help you. Stay healthy for the fall season. And you may have some tips of your own steve As we head into the cold and flu season load up on foods that can boost your immune system including foods rich in vitamin c and vitamin d. You have any tips steve. Yeah you have got to stop being alcoholic whole you got to check yourself in other words. Stop going down today. This book hall. You stopped at right now just to ask my number. One team hall must stop immediately. Go here here's another one. Make sleep a priority being well rested as crucial to staying healthy. Sleep is important to your health. Too much sleep is critical to your well. How much sleep. What are you supposed to get per night. I don't believe aid. They sleep legit slip. I am slipping housing man. Because i don't. I don't see how you need once. You're not a child anymore. I don't see why you need eight hours. I don't know how to need eight. But i'm glad i mean a child. She's broand his bones got extend and all his children have to sleep. I but adults if you sleeping eight hours you growing. But you're growing you're not growing taller. You growing wider. And i don't i don't i mean like you said tommy. You'll know last time you had eight hours so you sleep eight hours. No do you need eight hours. A list i got sickle cell mostly out. Don't get eight. But i just don't i'm not a proponent. Eight hours is a third of your life. I find that desperately hard to see how you can have a quality life if you sleep a third of it. That does not make sense to me. But i'm not going to get into that normal because they eight me up on the internet steve. Harvey prefers wealth over health. So here's my thing about sleep. If you want to sleep get all. You won't sleep as long as you like hookah. Sleep your life away. you could sleep. You could sleep until you dream the most magnificent dream. But i'm telling you this to make a dream come true you got to get woke stay but if you want to sleep go here. I don't give a day. all right. Begin stay will california. You vote today coming up thirty four minutes after the hour. We'll talk about it right after this. You're listening to morning show okay attention. All california registered voters attention. Here's the section from an article in the la times on the gubernatorial. Republican larry elder many black voters have heard him elder deny the existence of systemic anti-black. Racism have heard his defenses of former president trump and promotion of the birther. Lie that former. President obama was born in kenya. They also remember that elder published a book back in two thousand eight titled stupid. Black men were more recently. Black voters have heard his case for reparations. Steve you mentioned this earlier to the descendants of slave owners who lost their property. Quote unquote When enslaved black people were emancipated also not in the article but trending social media video. Back when larry elder larry elder defendant. George zimmerman the man who of course fatally shot teenager trayvon martin back in two thousand twelve and trayvon pours was unarmed florida. Jury twitter berman in two thousand thirteen of all charges in that killing the list. Larry elder this guy is he letting him he's done everything you don't understand what ever white folks want him to say or need him to say he is there posted chow. He is though the cullet that they get to say and these are not regular white people. These are the people who want the evil spree. These other the whites who want to live spread they come in hey found the ideal colored postal and prop him up and he does their bidding. As soon as larry elder is not doing the bidding. They're going to be done with. How can you support george zimmerman. How can you demand reparations. Be given to white people because they lost their property. How can you promote the fact that you say slavery was legal. Slavery was legal. Ooh oh gusting. Who was slavery legal to cyber wasn't legal slavery was league. Everybody would have slaved out people who knew you wasn't supposed to have sleep. How can you say such a thing. This ridiculous color poster boy for.

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