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Mean it's it's a fantasy that many real life people have which is crazy because the heaven book they read is exceedingly clear that that is not the way to get into heaven and. Maybe they got a secret handbook that says money money money please. So alita wakes Hugo up who is sleeping off a hangover and he's looking pretty smoking I guess shirt off trail everything. So she is sitting in his window sill like a bird of prey and they come they hatch a scheme together. She's like here you can just sell my heart and he's like four a rare moment he's like wait a minute. I'M NOT GONNA. Sell your robot heart. Let's find a different way and she's like I'll just kill a bunch of people for you and you can take the money. It's like, no, no no. Why don't you earn the money for both of us by playing motor ball and we the audience are like Fook Yeah. I make it clear. I'm not asking for more exposition Elliott. But. This movie does bring up a lot of stuff about human robot relationships that is not. Does Not make. Dan Dan kept saying throughout the movie or watching it. How do they have sex? Dan, they've got the same thing when I was watching cars. And I'll tell you the same thing I said about cars they have attachments for that. Right. So. Sean check my notes you were you were you wanted to see and where she says warning to anyone who's listening with children you wanted to see where she says. She System Hugo, I can only do stuff. And that scene and also let me tell you about cleared up a lot for me. Go, let me go over the sex rules for me. Also here's what erm was all about how I feel about it. Anyway I guess we don't have time for me to play motor ball anymore. DVD with the deleted scenes alley about? So ALITA suits up to place a motorable. Meanwhile, vector is setting her up. He's got a team of people to murder her instead of worrying about the ball which seems to be everybody's case. Her father though disapproving her and gives you some cool roller skate feet. Meanwhile, while she's riding around the track receiving phone calls from everybody. Hugo goes. This, you go to find his. scrapper crew and they're rip the arms and legs office in poor. Guy. And a rival bounty. Hunter Warrior Za Pan who was made fun of and mocked for his little metal beard. She's at the Super Cool Sword Yup, he shows up he. Frames Hugo for murder and then kills Hugo's friend and chases him around. Alita finding out that Hugo's in trouble leaves. The Motor Ball track kills a bunch of motorbikes people. It's pretty cool. And she shows up Save Hugo for a second and then. Pan The evil hunter warriors like you gotTa Kill Hugo he's he's a criminal there's a bounty on his head, and of course, she can't do that because she loves him. So as a pain just stabs him which Dan's like what did you happen to lead on? He's like just take care of it. Before he kills them just kills a pan and I was like Dan. It's raining process like everybody has to wash their free leader is mad guy who's going to stab him it's Dan is so falling for the trap the movie has said, I was like Dan your reacting exactly the way. This movie is busted and I'm like you're bust Dan. You're having exactly what the movie wants you to do. You're a puppet or the move. Believe ahead only listened to me through the movie. None of the sad stuff would have happened is the guy in the movie theater who's yelling don't go in there. Not knowing that if the character takes his advice, the movie is over and the boys on sense of wonder Sir. So, interrupts. You I tell their sense of wonder about what happened in the war. And if you were wondering about what's happened to Hugo now that he's been stamped leader carries them off and then she runs into Kyran shows up for some reason and surgically removes he goes head and connects his head elitist heart which I think symbolism guys. But that allows that allows alita to reveal to the robots that she chopped his head off and they're like Oh bounty accumulated, and then the evil hunter warriors like. Wait what what, and he tries to stop her and the robots are like Oh. You can do whatever you want to this dude, and she's like thanks and takes his sword and shops half his face off. And she keeps his sword. Okay. Boom we're almost done. homestretch. Okay. So alita goes after vector. And then grew wish go shows up she just totally smokes it means a total WIMP. And Vectors Logo I. Hope I have another robot but also hold it also I know what you hate but it also turns out that Jennifer Connelly who wanted to get up to the sky. Has Been Harvested for Oregon's apparently that's the only way you can actually get and she that she was supposed to turn in Alita to get there but in fact. Her being a mother herself. Once upon a time, she couldn't do it. She has turned on her evil captors and now had her Oregon's pulled out of her. Brain energy. Vector keeps them in a case in his office in. My brain leader is fighting all these bad guys on the ground floor and vectors like what do I do and then Alita bursts through the ceiling and it was like, did she run up all the stairs? He's like you might think that with the name like Victor, I would understand angles. Math. So. Yeah. So she murders that robot and then like all of a sudden vector starts talking with Nova's Voice Nova the big bad remember and he starts talking some SAS and she says his back and then eventually she stabs him in the belly and then we get a great Mahershala Ali has to play a guy whose body is dying but is controlled by someone. It's pretty cool. His body is dying but he has the voice and personality of this confident villain taunting the hero and I was like this is really this is really good work that the what he's doing here not a joke. So so many turns out he's a great actor I dunno guys. Heard about this I don't know now I gotta go see Moonlight. So we? We find out that in his dying I guess not dying moments, but Nova has sent robots after. After, Hugo who in fact isn't Ted he's been intentional robot and Hugo has gone running off and we learned that Hugo is to me a pipe to the sky. Yeah. He's trying to climb his way Zala. There's these big space elevator cables up solemn and. There earlier, we have saw flashback where Alita over does that the there's elitist fighting her way up the cables dissolve them, and there's like a big spinning blade that comes down cutting things up and now he goes climbing up there. Hitting don't do dude news like I'll do whatever I want and. The giants stunning PGA came back. The giant spinning blade comes flying down and he's like I can jump over this super easy nuts faster and he gets chopped into little pieces. She jumps after him she catches him but his arm breaks and he falls and turns out there's nothing funnier than seeing a limbless head. Like. Waving, not in not endorsed, this opinion is not the rest. I'm making fun of any real thing that is making. I'm thinking making fun of a robot man who has been chopped up with falling. This is not gonNA age well in our post team. What have I done? So alita survives and she vows vengeance. She's GonNa find a way to solemn and the only way she can do it is by. Playing more mobile. So she shows up to the Motor Ball Stadium. She does some she strikes opposed. She points her sword at the floating city and on the floating city we see why Nova was so confident that's right because he's played by Edward Norton. With the white mullet..

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