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Gardeners with her. But in general to be sure she would have drawn the into many foolish and hurtful lasts which drowned men in destruction and ruin to she that set absalom against his father and jared bowen against his master to a she that persuaded judas to sell his lord and that prevailed with domes- to forsake the godly pilgrims life. None can tell the mischief that she does. She makes variance betwixt rulers and subjects betwixt parents and children but twix neighbor and neighbor but twix demand and his wife betwixt demand and himself betwixt the flesh and the heart wherefore could muster stand fast. Be as your name is and when you have done all stand. I this cost. There was among the pilgrims mixture of joy and trembling but at length they break out and saying what danger is the pilgrim in. How many are his foes. How many ways there are to say no living mortal knows some of the ditch. Shy are yet can lie tumbling in the mire. Some though they sean the frying pan duleep into the fire part two chapter ten the pilgrims at home after this i beheld until they come into the land of beulah where the sun shines light and day here because they were wearing they took themselves wild to rest and because this country was common for pilgrims and because the orchards and vineyards that were here belong to the king of the celestial country therefore they were permitted to make bowed with any of these things but a little while a soon refreshed them here for the bows did so ring and the trumpets continually sound so melodiously that they could not sleep and yet they receive as much refreshing as if they had slept there. Sleep never so soundly here. Also the noise of them that walked in the streets was my. Pilgrim's come to town another. What answer saying and so many went over the water and were leading at the goal and gates. Today gray would cry again. There is now a of shining ones. Just comes to town but we know that there are more pogos upon the road. Come to wait for them. And comfort them after oversaw then the pilgrims got up and walked to and fro but how there is now filled with heavenly voices and there is delighted with celestial visions in this land. They heard nothing saw. Nothing felt nothing smelt. Nothing tasted nothing that was offensive to their stomach.

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