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Time to a lesser skilled player. Taking it away that ice time from higher skill players but understanding how that would work in the end. A blake coleman for instance right at the trade deadline skates well enough. But he's an edgy player. That's they brought him a boat bogosian guy who's career was basically over stayed home but mostly a tough defenceman luke. Schenn right. couldn't play on the kings so to speak everyone will say like and you can go through those types of players but it's the fit barclay goodrow golden so and players that are there nhl players but they the teams that traded them to tampa bay. Certainly were not in the same category as tampa bay. Well beyond that maybe. They had squeezed whatever they could. Get out of those players You know. I look at a guy like blake coleman like. What's he going to do on a devils team. That isn't gonna compete all right. Well let's see if we can get a return out of it barclay goodrow. What's he gonna do. Wanna san jose sharks team. That isn't gonna compete are. Let's get out of it. They got a first round pick. You know it was. You know thirty first overall with sharks. That's the thirty first best prospect in that year's draft. Maybe maybe the best example of and i hear it now and just my opinion but at the time of the trade. First rounder control. I what's it what makes it stanley cup ring. Yeah and it's still being talked about now with the kinks brayden. Schenn wayne simmons let two stanley cups. Whichever way you look at it whichever way to knock on effect yeah i mean. The kings ended up winning two stanley. Cups okay brayden. Schenn keeps going wayne's at the end of his career brain just wanna stanley cup copa. That doesn't matter to me. I would make that deal a million times in a row if you can guarantee me to stanley cups. It's done and it's done again and again and again and that's why i my next question is going to be what. What can the kings learn or take away from the playoffs. And you know even from the winning team i look at the moves over the last little while and you know under under dean lombardi they were swinging for the fences trying to hit that magic combination. And you know what they struck out. That's that's the analogy right. You know they were trying to hit. They wanted me lan lucia to be a part of a playoff run that year. You know they. They made moves that in hindsight okay. Yeah you could scratch your head but you know what if if they paid off look like geniuses right know you to take a chance in this business illegal chuck. I think we both agreed at the time. And i still believe this and i'm going to sell. I'm sure a lot of kings fans are going. Say that.

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