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Deadliest mass shooting in us history the number of people that have died associated with this event has increased right now we're using a number of fifty a bar couty sheriff joe lombardo number of injured we are using the number of five fifteen and as you can tell as the hours go by number continues to increase and president trump talking about the horrific event it was an act of pure evil the presidential offering prayers for the victims and their families urging the nation to do this in memory of the fallen i have directed that are great flag like he flown at half staff i will be visiting las vegas on wednesday to meet with law enforcement first responders and the families of the victims of the gunman 64yearold steven paddock have mosquito nevada fired from a thirty second floor of a hotel across the street from the out door concert he targeted former fbi are atf agent thomas hearns says the weapon that paddock used was a killing machine in every sense of the word from weapon the magazine replica pair of anywhere from thirty two round could near munition analyst rounds could be fired off all your automatic weapon are in a matter of two or three cracking isis claims that paddock was one of its soldiers as the terror group puts it but the fbi disputes that is this this event unfolds we have determined to this point no connection with an international terrorist group still the motive has yet to be determined than the gunman is dead apparently killed himself before police could reach the room that he was firing from lee say they did not know the man retiree who they say had no criminal record and the county where he lived town hall dot com from orphan to the wealthiest men in the world tell us about that child reduct pet he opened.

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