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SO for utility would you if you were in his position would you rather be saying Lowry or would you rather be Tom Fleetwood all I mean I'd rather be Tommy Fleetwood because I know that I can walk in here but yes you never know here's why I say that because of the course right you saw what it would look like in Northern Ireland it and I've always felt this way I've always felt that you me and Pat can be able to put together a course similar to this someplace in the urban area in America you know they always but when you watch golf coverage always talking about old look at the the long grass here and look at the difference there is just a general chorus but of course if you want to smash a jet a jet Daniel's bottle into a into a golf course in and let the grass grow for a couple years and and not manicured not cut it I could do that thank they are they taking the pageantry of golf sometimes goes over the top if you one hour on there would be like well but now will suffer this public course don't even take care of it but in Ireland all all look call one for me to it's a really dangerous course hi lot of twists and turns but it's a tough course for the golf talk you soon take care of it your honor it and you let it let it grow let it grow and cut down the middle of it if I you got into that a little we've go to go to the site to to to to write to the left of the fairway you'll be okay I know some open what's that will be able to to have a golf course would have you seen a lot of those in the Midwest one of those where they should be homes there should be big box stores there to just let the of the weeds grow all that's on you know how much money we can make you wouldn't have to work for NFL nation I still be on ESPN radio but don't do but when you have a wonderful nation in more always when I invest in just some land someplace within an hour but it's got to be an urban area though it can't be someplace like in the old he told the suburbs now it's gonna now we're going to get we're going to Gerry many between you are going Indiana what we go and may if you've been looking at let maybe does god will come with a man Hey Gerry then he's going to get about here right now okay one movie no close up of the gas he Jonathan wells private golf club the thing to do would be a job the hood he's Michael wells but of course you know who court ever called we're just down the well so just go to the hood in wells green in the Bronx all the blocks a good spot right we can find some places there right we don't have we on air balloon standing out front yelling at people with a felony and think you know I just think that sometimes it's just over the top like you know you do have some very beautiful manicured greens and a lot of different country clubs and golf clubs that we've seen right some we love to play on some that we have seen but man the the idea that when you see the open and it's always great son never comes out of the ones in sweat shirts and sweaters in in July July right in Northern Ireland is like you know the the greens there certain you know the we have to we will watch out here I could do that I can do that it's like Hey man don't cut grass over there let the weeds grow here we want dental lines there and I'm still pay outs to pay you like you cut it don't worry about it B. L. a prestige is elevated golf course in Chicago that's what we call it right there that's that's not hard to do here's our golf course it doesn't look great although but this is this is what we're doing we're doing this like you know looks course or try to do it like they do it in the U. K. right many a lesson it'll be a bouncing or making fun of how it is over now but I will be I will be flicking tomorrow going going in between that who knows what else last chance you wanna Netflix that's what I'll be going well that's that's why I don't think that's going to make the show tomorrow but to make matters gets up to speed with us as far as Doug Peterson and the birds our NFL nation takeover visits Philly that's coming up next what Mike wells Jonathan heard your listings Dickerson hood on ESPN radio this.

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