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Smith is join us on sports byline and I recommend this book highly. It's called pull up a chair. The VIN scully story. Let's PICK UP THE STORY AT FORDHAM. Of course but when he got his break it was with Red Barber. Tell the story that you tell them the book about the of the call that his mother got it home in one thousand nine hundred forty nine scully. In nineteen forty died. He was He was twenty years old. Twenty two actually not quite twenty two and he was interning the WTO radio Washington. Red Bottle is the voice of the Brooklyn dodgers but also ron this is key the sports director of CBS radio saw Barbara interviews the intern Vin scully and a couple of weeks later he needs a college football broadcaster to do a Boston University and Maryland from Fenway Park so he calls WTO p references and then he calls scully home and he gets his mother red haired and excitable then Austin said so that evening Mama these men coming to the door she says and I'll paraphrase what a wonderful thing. How exciting today was this? Great man. What what magnificence? He took the time to Cau- He wants you to call them and then says who wasn't mom. Mom Says Red Skelton. Cbs's iconic comic. Of course they knew it was not scallop. The last laugh was not on him next day. He called Red Barber. Barbara gave him. That assignment then goes to Boston. He's expecting a booth no booth fact. He had to broadcast from the roof. And Fenway Park and freezing weather carrying cable on the roof down the first baseline. Scali never complained he liked Barbara was STOIC. And this impressed Barbara as much as the as the quality of Vince performance. So he calls him and he says then. Next week you'll have a booth Harvard Yale Again. So impressive that that off season Ernie Harwell left the Brooklyn dodgers for the New York giants. And WHO DID BARBARA TAP to replace him? Vin scully barely twenty two to this day. Incidentally how well call that making room for scully his quote unquote greatest contribution to the game? The other thing to Kurt that I think is interesting is the way you know with the dodgers that whole relationship of Vin scully and the dodgers together and it was something that was very comfortable. I mean a guy that comes out of the Bronx you would think would be a Yankee Fan and everything but I really felt that. The dodgers and Vin scully were hand in Glove. Act or I think that's true of the irony. Is that scully? His parents did not own a car. He had never been to ebbets field until the first day that he arrived a call a gay he'd been at the Polo Grounds Greg Frequency in Yankee Stadium but not Brooklyn USA. I agree with you. Use the term special the relationship between Barbara and scholar. It was it was almost familial. It certainly was parental. And I think that that van really looked upon Barbara as he's often said see most profound influence save his mother and his life. Babur reciprocated he said the scully was the was the son. I never had so. You're talking about a surrogate that and the surrogate dad is so often the case practice. Tough love half a century rod before that term arose. He would lecture scully off and on the air he would say things like I will try very poorly Barbara Accent. Now young scully. Nobody cares what you think as read said then didn't like it. He said the audience loved it but he taught him not to socialize players. Because you would lose objectivity. He taught him to be painstaking in terms of diligence. Be Accurate never make a mistake? Get to the BALLPARK HOURS. Before the game he did. He taught him never to regard. The dodgers is extended member of the family. Beiber likes Golly Ron uses and used the exact same phrase each said we have never ever used the term. We so when you hear scully today on. Xm satellite or indeed From Los Angeles. When you hear him you are really hearing barber. Except that you're hearing more. You're hearing the miracle of Vin scully. Having transcended his mentor. I think it's safe to say that Vince. Gully has probably been associated with some of the greatest moments probably more of the greatest moments in baseball than any other broadcaster and certainly he seen some significant events. And I WANNA take you back to Brooklyn with Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier and I thought that one of the quotes was very very interesting. Yeah he wants said the Jackie was probably one of the few people in this world who excelled when he was angry about that event. Yeah most places when they get angry most humans Lewis Perspective and lose effectiveness. We become less than we are. Jackie Robinson became more. As scully said this galvanized him activated him To repay not with violence because branch rookie had swore him not to be violent. But rather through sheer excellent Scalia said that Asa Robinson got hit by a pitch or was even thrown inside. He would automatically. How do you get even? He'd Steal Second Base third base steel home plate and he said that extraordinary self-discipline much like a scully and and and not responding to violent but in really getting retribution by by excelling and beating the other team. You said you were making the greatest mistake of your life. If you made Robinson Mad. How did he react to the moving of the team to the west coast because he was a New Yorker everyone through? How would you react not well and he did not either Not In an open but privately after all everything he loved was there. He was from New York He was reaching and pleasing his public in nineteen fifty five. He had done the last four. And a half innings. Abc Television Brooklyn's first as it turned out sadly so we'll title and scully on the last Out which is a ground ball from reese to go hodges said simply ladies and gentlemen the Brooklyn Dodgers in the champions of the world then hushed all winter people would ask. How did you remain so calm? Scully said if I had said another word I would have broken down and cried. He didn't WanNa go fifty seven woody as he said he was like. The wife has whose husband had been transferred. She doesn't want to go but she goes. And yet the irony Ron. Is You know many of your listeners. To the dodgers Westward Hull Leaving Brooklyn for Los Angeles Nineteen fifty seven. The early part of fifty eight wasn't in fact. The most fortuitous turn of Events. That could possibly have happened. Because scully became an institution in Los Angeles became the embodiment of the town. Then and now to an extent that he never could have in the city of New York. Let's talk also before he leaves New York about the nineteen fifty-six world series in the perfect game because he was right there with his broadcasting partner Mel Allen and they saw perfection they sure did died last October. Eight nineteen fifty-six First Perfect game in baseball since the early twenties off first and only a perfect game in world series to this day and here he is with Mel Allen. The legendary marquee celebrity voice the most fame broadcaster in the country and scully's kid still living with his parents and he does the last four and a half innings and of course the extraordinary pressure each man each man out Twenty seven the end In a row retired by Larson and scholarly Called the final out and then he began to leave the booth. He was dazed if he would like everyone. And Alan says van. Aren't you going to give the final score? And then he does of course but as van says and I recall this in the In the book pull up a Cherry said that his suit felt like a greenhouse he was wilted soaked through and through any kind of idea. About what the West Coast was going to be like no nor did the west coast have any idea what he was to be like. You know. Interestingly Author o'malley the dodger owner was pressured by people in Los Angeles not hire him to hire to local people but o'malley who also had interesting that sort of father son relationship with with Sculley had implicit faith in him and justifiably so he goes to the West Coast. And here. You have Los Angeles satellite now. Totally sprawled out. No focal point. No.

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