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Bed. I'm Charlotte Reese with tips on how to stop doom scrolling that's coming up right after traffic and weather on the twos and we start we'll sponsor almost forgot, sponsored by Gary Barbara's held over a month and event. Now we start with Stevie Reese. Hey, Stevie. Hey, Moran. And traffic is a really slow right now on this Kugel Expressway both directions. Westbound. We've got work going on making things really heavy Approaching university. All the way into under South Street or us are under 30 of streets. A path South Street. This is really heavy. Only one lane gets by and then eastbound traffic is backed up from the blue room for 76 into the approach of the Gladwin on ramp right lane has blocked there. Things are looking alright. On most of 95 There's one spot North bound traffic is jammed up. It's crossing the Gerard Point Bridge. As you head toward broad street. You could take the plat Bridge and miss that completely mind. Should expressway westbound. You got a little bit of a delay there, but nothing too serious going on just some volume, and we've got no problems to report on the Pennsylvania Turnpike East and westbound Northeast extension, looking fine for 22 little heavy near Santa Toga. And that's all because of construction. And then in Delaware, there's been an accident on 95 South bound just south of 1 41 Traffic looks like it is starting to get a bit better in the area, but especially for anybody coming off of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Going into Delaware. Traffic is jammed up their major New jersey Rose. We really don't see any serious problems at the moment and mass transit things. They're looking pretty good held over Gary Barbara's month and tent event, 1000 vehicles, one location, fast, fair financing. Zero down today, FBI. Okay, get the low down on the No. Down zero down. You're driving around Philly town is Barbara's on the Boulevard, The best boy against in the K Y w 24 hour traffic Center. I'm Stevie Reese. Thanks. Davey. The NBC 11th learned forecast. Nice day today, son, Avery warm, muggy, late night and night time. Strong thunderstorms are likely We'll have a high today of 89. Things go.

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