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So a third of the league where every week you have evidence that he's either really good or he's really inconsistent. And I think that's where dad kind of lives, and I think that means he's still good enough to get the bigger contract and be the guy and get the going rate to be a starter. Dallas did it before Romo before Romo would put a massive stats. They'd paid him kind of the going rate early on. I gals do the same thing. I don't. Yeah. There's certain weeks Jacoby Reichen name a ton of guys that I liked better than him. But I mean, do you feel like he's somebody that holds them back or they have a better option. Well, I feel like the their offense needs to be a little bit more varied. You know what? I mean. I think that the way that they use Zeke Elliott Zeke Elliott's got. That sort of like the saquon Barkley Todd Gurley. Like one of the best the best running backs in the league that doesn't get used in the right way. You saw that one screen pass through their like, I just feel like they could use Zeke bit. I feel like I feel Jason Garrett holds them back or than any player wearing pads to be honest with you, and I don't expect him to continue. But I bet ten pushups against the Cowboys. And I did. So for reasons, I think that you can relate to because you also sort of like work in the sports media world and chew up the new cycle the same way that I do I feel like we're being held hostage by the Cowboys every season like these. This is me doing the push ups. Great form, by the way. But like don't you feel like the Cowboys? No longer be in the playoff race. I don't wanna talk about the Cowboys anymore. Do the Cowboys hold us hostage in the sports media. Yeah. Absolutely. Because that many people care about it. And it's always kind of interesting. Remember that Lakers team? Right. That had Dwight that had Kobe Nash standard soul, and you thought okay? This is going to be good Nashes unhealthy healthy like they had this one little stretcher a look like they might work. But that became the constant theme. Like, how are they so much worse than we thought that they'd be and with those kinds of stories. I think we both understand it doing it. This long is that you may overdo it, but it is a drama, and that's what the Cowboys event there. The biggest soap opera in the NFL good or bad. Yep. Well, there's always some drama when it comes to college football, especially this time of year. We're heading into conference championship weekend. We kind of know the four teams that are going to be in. What are you looking to see this weekend? What are you rooting for? What could mix it up? I'm not emotionally attached to any of this stuff. Okay. As I go on the radio show. All right. I say you should trust me more than any other college football voice because I went to Vermont. We haven't had a team there for forty years. Okay. So I'm I'm the guy to trust. I don't have a conference allegiance. Okay. I've traveled everywhere. I've been almost everyone of these campuses that matter and the anti Bama angst is really odd to me. Like, yes, I can understand you hate them because you aren't them. But if they lose to Georgia, and I do think Georgia's better than thirteen point spread. Bam has been so intimidating that I get why Vegas at the number of the way they said it would have Bama loses that game to Georgia because they never. Lose it in a blow out. They're going to get into the playoff. They'll be the fourth team how they might even be the third team ahead of Notre Dame and people will act is if they're putting their only because they're Bama or that it's only because the SEC all these other things are at work. And what I say is now they have their one loss your team already had their one loss. I don't think Oklahoma over Texas would be enough to impress the committee to put them over losing Bama team. Certainly not the case with Ohio State team is impressive as they looked against Michigan. And if they blow north western which I think they should be able to handle northwestern they had a really bad stretch for a month of the comedian was not impressed..

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