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Voted america's top personal trainer and one of the globes most influential people in health and fitness his show provides you with everything you need to optimize physical and mental performance he is ben greenfield power ability whatever it is purdue the natural when you look at all the studies done studies that show the greatest efficacy all the information you need one bliss right here right now on the ben greenfield fitness podcast hey folks it's ben greenfield and it's been about four months since i went to for the first time in my life sedona arizona everybody was telling me gotta go to sedona you gotta go to sedona go do some some sound healing go meet with some of the some of the crazy folks over there who who are forward thinkers especially in the realm of spirituality and spiritual healing and also go experience the magical energy that is in that place so finally i went to sedona and i knew that when i went to sedona there are a few things that i had to do a i had to go to a place that my friend highly recommended to me called chocolate tree crazy restaurant there chock full of just what it sounds like like mostly chocolate infused superfoods i was also told i had to go see this dude named poem guy and go do like some like his crazy vibrating sound table in like plays didgeridoo in gong's and heels you with sound frequencies as you lay on his table stayed out at my friend aubrey marcus is spirit ranch out there peaceful place on the mila nowhere i also met with someone who who actually aubrey had really recommended to me to meet with for an energy healing an emotional release session her name.

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