New York, NFL, Social Justice discussed on First and Last - Painful opening night


In the nfl progress being made hopefully coming out of the players and owners meetings that we saw take place yesterday tuesday in new york vis surrounding a group of owners and players meeting yesterday to try and come together to talk about a lot of the issues that had gone on in terms of the protests in the nfl the kneeling during the national anthem that has become such a hotbutton issue and roger goodell came out of this meeting it's really saying that they're they were quote very productive important discussions in it reflected our commitment to work together on the issues of social justice he commended the players for their great character their deep understanding of the issues in their communities and said that their commitment was admirable he said the hopefully they're going to meet some time again in the next two weeks the owners are going to continue their meetings on wednesday with more discussion about the national anthem and it's interesting to hear you know dan glaviano and sources close with a lot of players saying the players came into this meeting pretty skeptical of what they were going to hear and that's understandable considering what the relationship between these two sides the labor force and their governing body in the nfl has looked like lately and so it's understandable of there would be some mistrust on this issue but that being said this issue oddly enough one that's britain as divisive as this may have actually kind of thought things between both sides a little bit roger goodell in dc smith were in the same room for the first time in a while we know that's been a contentious relationship.

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