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Y then right now, more sunshine temperature up to sixty degrees at NewsRadio eight ten and one zero three one WG wine Washington county search resuming for a person who authorities believe tossed in the water from capsized boat. Police officers and officials searching the south bay area in the village of Dresden divers of also impressed into the searches. Well, the mass shooting in Virginia Beach is the deadliest now in US history. And in the United States rather this year. Authorities say disgruntled city engineer named Dwayne crash. Nick walked into a city building on Friday afternoon, began shooting indiscriminately on all three floors of the building, killing twelve people wounding four others suspect reportedly engineer in the city's public utilities department killed in a prolonged shootout. With police, Virginia Beach mayor, Bob Dwyer called the most devastating day in the history of Virginia Beach more than a decade behind bars and tens of thousand dollars in restitution for a man who robbed a local gun store. Another sentence handed down for the guilty. Pleas we're entered by all accused of stealing. Dozens of firearms from target sports in Glenville twenty five year old Christian Roman has now been sentenced to over twelve years in prison to be followed by three years of supervised release. He will also have to pay restitution of almost fifty thousand dollars for his role in the two thousand seventeen burglary. The man he robbed the store with Jose, fun, tennis has also pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in August. Their driver has already been sentenced to almost five years. Diane DeNardo, NewsRadio eight ten and one or three one. WG. Y local and state leaders. Were in Troy Friday to announce the completion of a new concrete boat launch on the Hudson. River angles avenue, the site in Troyes north central neighborhood, just south of the federal lock and dam canal corporation, director, Brian Stratton, encouraging residents to get out on the water absolutely free. Because for the third consecutive year we have free three navigation along on Canale TRE. Mayor Patrick Madden saying, this.

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