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And they had they have like the rankings listed for each team. In terms of which team has the lightest schedule going four for quarterbacks. The ravens. So that's where Lamar Miller are sorry. Lamar Jackson really kind of is a interesting fantasy quarterback going down the line, especially if you're on a two quarterback league, and because you can run, but the ravens schedule over the next five weeks are just a murderer's row of terrible defense against the raiders the falcons the chiefs who the chiefs in their defensive actually improved. I think over the last few weeks their pass rushes kind of picking up. So they're not quite as much of a a home run defense anymore, but then going forward after that the buccaneers and then the chargers they end up with the charge are pretty good. But right now the ravens look like d the best option for fantasy quarterbacks going forward the Cowboys or second. And they get the Redskins saints. Eagles colts and bucks. Browns are third. Bengals Texans Panthers. Broncos Bengals tool the Browns get to Bengals matchups going forward. So if you've got Baker Mayfield that is a great great matchup. So Bakersfield tastic is. I mean, obviously, I've been I like Baker they're playing the Bengals this week. So that's obviously amazing. But then it would also be fancy championship time. If your quarterback Zach matchup for weeks, if you have a guy who's going to be, you know, let's say you have like a Ben Rothlisberger Philip rivers or something like that. And they're going to be going up against the bears in like a week fifteen or sixteen you can come back to this and grab guys. Like Dak Prescott. Baker Mayfield who are playing, you know, Bengals and bucks and falcons and stuff in your week. Fifteen sixteen range, I think that's a good point Craig. 'cause I think you know, we're talking about it in a more vague general sense. But I think the way to really go about this exercise is to like look at your team into look at who's an obvious start for you. But then look at oh my God. Like, yeah. I don't want my quarterbacks going against the bay. In week fifteen. I'm not gonna play them as we can start looking at. I know that's obvious. But just those little things and making those raw straddling two weeks ahead or if you're doing it this week or the week looking even just one week ahead. And you're looking at week thirteen and it really can make the difference because that's someone you're adding that maybe your opponent isn't an just a little bit of game theory actually can really help you out for your opponent. If you know you're going to play in the first round the playoffs, and you know that they're screwing they need a quarterback. Even just picking up the best quarterback on the board can really help. You definitely there's two others actually to add to list the fourth and fifth ranked ones. Denver is fourth. They the Steelers Bengals forty Niners Brown raiders so Bengals forty Niners and raiders in three the last four weeks. So case keenum, kind of becomes a little bit more interesting down the stretch, if you if you're desperate for quarterbacks fear and a two quarterback, especially he's an option over some guys who might have a lot tougher schedules. And then fifth ranked are the pranked to the buccaneers down the stretch. They've got the forty Niners Panthers. Saints ravens. And cowboys. So Jameis Winston again going back to Winston or if you wanna hold onto fits magic because they're bound to probably bench Winston at some point again for these over. So that's the quarterback position. Let's move on. Craig? Do you want to do running back real quick? Sure. So the running back the top five teams going up the easiest schedule for from a running back perspective are the ravens the cardinals the Broncos the Browns and the chargers. So with guys like Melvin, Gordon, Nick Chubb, you're gonna start them. No matter what David Johnson. But the ravens this becomes interesting because one there are a whole new t different team now from a running perspective, and thus and Gus the U-Haul Edwards is now in met. So he might immediately volt into an Rb two on your team further remainder of the season because of their their cake schedule man, I'm excited about I'm excited about Chubb down the stretch..

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