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I mean when the columbia faculty administration did not have the guts to stand up to the students who were just thugs spoiled thugs who took over the president's office in other words this goes back fifty plus years where you have a a leading class. That simply doesn't have on. Somebody called it the cultural confidence to say no get out this. It's a privilege to be here. It seems to me that that the leadership class in america whether it's university presidents or whether it's people who own sports teams or any of that stuff they don't seem right understand these fundamentals. No you're absolutely right. I look the free speech movement. Berkeley i was there when it happened. It was not free. Speech is free speech for me. Not for the free speech for the left. A look. what's going on now with ben and jerry They're boycotting israel. But they're they're the company that owns them. Unilever sells to iraq to cuba to china to belarus. They have a a company in belarus. They are among the worst human rights enablers and focusing on only on israel. It's a it's a corporate disgrace. I will never again eat that. Fat filled cholesterol well. I haven't forgiving. We're gonna break folks are going to be right back with alan dershowitz copay get off. Did not folks and talking to alan.

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