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Because when you're slot receiver who can be like the tight end or like the like the running back the scat back who's going to go out a little bit. And be there the security blanket for a quarterback when pressures there, especially the slot receiver the slot receiver is the guy who knows when the blitz is coming and will adjust and be at the spot where the quarterback knows he can hit him there. And he knows that the slot. Receiver is going to beat his match. Up if it's on a linebacker, whoever it may be that's just a huge guy to lose, especially when you're on the same page with someone smartest Cooper cop. True. It could be the tight end too. I mean, look the titans always open, and that's the guy you look for when you're in trouble the most right as far as quarterbacks go but back in the day when Russell Wilson was or when golden Tate was in Seattle, whatever Russell Wilson got in trouble. Who did you go to golden Tate, whenever he started to scramble golden Tate? What scramble with him and find a way to get open? So I think you're exactly right that guy needs to emerge. Josh Reynolds, not on the called play. But the jazz session when things break down the Josh Reynolds cannabis in the same way that Cooper Cup because he's not the same kind of guy. You can't he's not. He's not. I don't think it's bad receiver and he's done pretty well. He's been a nice red zone target. Yeah. He doesn't run the saying he doesn't run the same type. He's he's a tall along side or the guy that I would look for to be that guys, actually Robert woods. Yeah. He's he's your toughest guy. Right now. Find him when things break down hill. Mecca play now when you had to when you had Cup and him you had something. Going. Now, you've got one I can bracket Robert woods take him away. And force you to to check it down more often than not is Sean McVeigh has been a genius now for almost two two seasons. Now, though this is as much adversity as offenses faced since he got here is entire team. Yeah. Yeah. But I mean, it just even the defense last year was pretty good. But not what people thought it was gonna be the defense. This year has been okay at times. But not what people thought it would be that's sort of been the MO for the last couple of seasons. But the offense has been the offense. What do you expect him to do? How do you expect him to respond what kind of adjustments or even a vailable to a guy when the personnel is damaged in the way? It is like is this one of those moments where people are going to look at it and say, he maybe he's not so smart, or is there just may not be anything for him to do. Look what I know about Sean McVeigh. He's not gonna come off. What he does no matter. What happens shady, he's not going to change at all. When he did what he lost Todd Gurley against Philadelphia instead of going to the backup running back. He just brought in another receiver. He's not going to change at all. He thinks the next play is a scoring play. And for the most part. He's been right. And I like that is the place where there there were plays in that, you know, golf missed Everett. Yeah. He missed a girly in the end zone. Guys. Didn't go out of our watching that tape again as many plays as you thought. The eagles defense made against the Rams the Rams hurt themselves. Just as much maybe even more. They had a chance to win. That football game that could have been a different ballgame had a few guys been on versus off the other thing that I think is just the the gets is like the beginning of the season. They were so good that they were just invincible yet. They don't get the third down a lot. And now when that's just not how the world usually works. Even if you're a really good team, you know, ten and two you know, ten and ten and six eleven five twelve and four. And so on you still don't routinely beat teams by twenty points, eighteen points, or whatever you win by six, and you hope that people don't think that it's always gonna be like the way they were against the chiefs just scoring..

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