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Never over. I mean you start. You get the diagnosis. And it's a lifetime and at some point. Okay this is a question That a friend of mine. I'll give I didn't come up with this but I think it's a great question. What are some of the positives for the parent and the Child of having this disease? What are the positives? The only positive. Well there's a couple I would say our relationship is wonderful in. We're closer you're physically closer when he was smaller. I mean the downside of this. We're physically closer. Could stab him with things but I do also think of the relationships. I've made the best part about the diabetes community. It is you just full of people with incredible empathy. Everyone is willing to help. Everyone seems to take on a role whether it's getting behind a microphone or connecting people. Or you're an engineer. So now you're gonNA hack white hat hacker code thing. That's going to help everybody else. Which is a whole other story altogether but everybody seems to really engage and take part. There's very few people in the diabetes community parents at least who do not raise their hand and step up and help other. People are saying that anybody would want us to be a couple of answers that heard at this conference. One person said it helps a child develop self reliance because at some point. They're going to leave home and they're gonNA have to take care of this on their own and they also learn how to eat healthy and learn other things that maybe some people don't ever so anyway So last writing life question. What has writing this book. Mitt to you and your personal journey Not just as a writer but For yourself personally. This might be a weird answer because obviously when we write we grow we learn we flex muscles that we haven't used before it's incredibly isolating but also rewarding but can I be honest and say it's also given me a weird legitimacy. I mean I'm the same person I was before I wrote this book but it seems I don't know maybe all authors think this or find this out and don't say this it's almost like nat. Now I know what I'm talking about. It's so funny because I had this information before I've been doing the podcast for a long time. I've been speaking but now that you have a book your legitimate which I think is really interesting. I don't know maybe for a whole topic I show for another time. But certainly for me it it allowed me to really crystallize some of my philosophies and help me. Look even look at my son's diabetes. Even now he's fifteen and largely self reliant in different ways and be careful and cognizant of helping him in ways that I couldn't when he was two years old and to see come on the podcast from time to time he does. He does He. He might have. I think you like you're gonNA find out. He listens to this if he does listen to this. I think he's just come on and say his piece. And so what's next in the PODCAST book world for Stacey Sam's Gosh? Isn't that the question? I actually have two e books. I'm working on on hope to be released this summer. When this fall and those are based on transcriptions from the podcast I'd have to separate projects. One is very general information interviews. I usually talk to people about their experience with type one but I did a bunch of interviews about basic information. What are key tones? What is low blood sugar right? How what are the? What's the newest Bola and I was trying to think? What does that just means giving medication? Look in dictionary accident. Get your book out to look and see a whole different language. You talked about the learning curve. The hospital for three days. It's crazy how much you have to learn so okay so you're going to keep keep on talking. I don't know that I could stop if I wanted to put it out every week. Podcast I guess this weekly. I started some shorter episodes this year. So it's twice weekly. We'll see if I can keep that up so any Any parting advice for a for parents who find themselves in the very difficult situation of getting a diagnosis whether the child is to five. Ten twelve whatever Any thoughts on on. What what to do I would say. Especially with diabetes. This generation is. I don't WanNa use the word lucky. But is luckier than previous generations. People were told in the nineteen nineties. You'RE GONNA have to drop out of college. You can't play sports. You know your life is over. Go home and wait to be blind. I know people who were told this in the ninety s and our kids are not told that they are told you. Because it's true you can live a long and healthy life with type one diabetes so my best appearances find the people who overcame those odds. There are people with type one diabetes and all it takes his Google who work at NASA who are Miss America pageant winners. Who are I mean? I just think about PODCAST GUESTS. Professional Athletes Actors. You know business people. You know there's a guy working a boring job in an office who has type. One was very successful life just as good of a role model as the guy who climbed Mount Everest with type one diabetes. Search those people out. But I guess that that's more for the parents because the kids today with type one diagnose generally unless we tell them otherwise. They're not slowing down. We as parents. I think need more reassurance. So we can give that to them but seek out those success stories and if you're hearing negatively or you're hearing fear don't go to facebook go to your healthcare provider and said. I heard this. This is worrying me. What is the real deal? Let them tell you don't let a well-meaning personal facebook scary good advice no matter what you're doing whether it's type one diabetes or some other chronic illness So Hey Stacy. Thanks much listeners. There's going to be information. The show notes the best. Ac and links To podcast into book and all kind of stacy thanks for being on the. Thank you so much for the opportunity. It was great to talk to you. Well that's it for today. Another fun author giving voice to the written work. Landis will be back next Friday getting under the covers with another interesting author but before then coming on Tuesday we'll have another long form episode with readings and conversations about the written word and the writing life of a local or regional author. Landis love helping authors give voice to their written words but he can't do it alone if you're a clown to help me help authors give voice to the written word. Please consider becoming a member supporter. We'd love to have you as a member. Now when you join at certain levels will give you access. Memorably content curated by the authors. Would you like to hear more from the authors? Perhaps a variety of presentations on writing craft or additional readings or tips on marketing and social media. 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