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34, the Iranian scientist who allegedly led his country's military nuclear program was killed in a shoot out today that comes from Israel, which declined to immediately comment on the killing of most in fuck risen to Israel has long been suspected of carrying out targeted killings of Iranian nuclear scientists nearly a decade ago. Iranian state TV cited sources confirming the death. It said it would offer more information shortly. Fuck your is. Adair was in charge of the program until it disbanded in the early 2000. Here in the states. The pardon of Michael Flynn may be the latest in a flurry of pardons before President Trump leaves office. At least that's what some people are hoping, including Wikileaks founder Julian Assange hunch his partner, Stella Morris tweeted at the president, asking him to extend one to a sandwich. She even posted a photo of their two young kids saying they need their father. San's remains in a British prison, where he's waiting for a judge's decision on whether he could be extradited to the U. S and facing espionage charges. A decision is expected in early January. Here at home. Supporters of the federal workforce are not waiting for Joe Biden's inauguration to try and block a last minute Trump Administration initiative. More from federal news networks Tom Timon When Congress returns next week, House Democrats will focus on legislation to block the administration from moving ahead with schedule F. That's the controversial plan to convert certain career jobs connected to policy making into a new class one that's more easily hired and fired. The order gave agencies until just about inauguration day to determine which jobs to reclassify. Several groups have formed the coalition against the plan. It includes the Partnership for Public Service, the Senior executives Association, the National Active and retired Federal Employees Association, the project on government oversight and the vocal Reliance Tom Taman Federal News Network. Online shopping might be a lot easier, but it also could be a lot more dangerous when it.

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