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Oakland San Jose humilis station. impeachment promise attacking Rhonda I'm Evan Haining as president trump sees over the investigation into actions with Ukraine's leaders vice president Mike pence is in New Orleans defending the president as the impeachment inquiry moves ahead I'll make your problems. whatever the Democrats and their allies in the media want to spend their time doing president Donald Trump and I are never going to stop fighting for the agenda. in twenty sixteen says now joined the ranks of officials being subpoenaed by Congress the president meanwhile has been golfing and tweeting correspondent Jeremy diamond reports trump went to Twitter to attack Republican senator Mitt Romney who's been joined by a second GOP senator Susan Collins of Maine who said it's not okay for a president to encourage a foreign state to investigate a political rival he wrote on Twitter Mitt Romney never knew how to win he is a pompous **** who has been fighting me from the beginning except except when he begged me for my endorsement for Senate run I gave it to him and when he begged me to be secretary of state I didn't give it to him he is so bad for ours that is a Republican red tide has returned to Florida and it's killing wildlife scientists at the Florida fish and wildlife research institute say that samples taken from the waters off the shores of caller county found high concentrations of toxic algae and they also received reports of dead fish in cases of respiratory irritation I'm John pop the museum of the Bible in Washington has quietly replaced an artifact purported to be one of a handful of miniature bibles that a NASA astronaut carried to the moon in nineteen seventy one well this after an expert questioned its authenticity a museum spokeswoman could not verify whether the Bible had actually traveled into space at least five of the sixteen dead sea scroll fragments at the museum were found to be fakes I'm Evan Haining. taking a look at KSFO traffic starting things off with a check on your bay bridge the leader in lights are on and traffic is backed up to the first over crossing it stop and go once you're on the bridge from the island to one a one speaking of one a one northbound heading to San Francisco expect a slow ride from two eighty two to eighty split in Fremont Northtown six eighty year for all the on the brakes between Alberta Boulevard and a street further down south in San Jose to accidents are clogging southbound one a one from eighty five right before Bailey Avenue over to the Nimitz as solo crash on south down eight eighty after Davis street in San Leandro has traffic backed up to ninety eighth Avenue in Oakland with KSFO traffic I'm Christine core do you still go to the post office still logging all those letters and packages well you don't have to anymore thanks to stamps dot com with him stuck on access all the amazing services.

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