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The rules earlier with James Bond and he is the owner of prime fitness gym in Oxford open right now this is been going on way too long I think a lot of small businesses to get back to work people of this bill today you know when we can just keep going on like this have you gotten any warnings from the state about this move a only the town so far and I was just a small time and silence is that find it taking effect now would you pay that it's gonna take effect tomorrow I actually have all of my members stepping up everybody's willing to pay whatever fine comes in gyms are not supposed to open under governor Baker's orders for the next several weeks but again prime fitness gym in Oxford going against the rules and re opening for business essentially yesterday and continues open for business again this morning well restaurant owners like Dave McKillop of Rockefeller's in Salem also not happy with the governor's rollout plan every time we get closer to tracking to our employees the date changes restaurants are still on the sidelines at several more weeks for them as well still take out and delivery only on a national level restaurant owners are going to president trump patent hand asking that the trump administration loosen up restrictions to make it easier for small businesses to get government loans the president puts a hopeful spin on the situation but sidestepped the issue entirely saying encouraging news on vaccine and treatment efforts could negate the tidal wave of bad news for the restaurant industry it is eight oh eight back to Wall Street we go this morning once again Bloomberg business here's Tom Busby well thank you Jeff Dow futures trading a little lower now down sixty two points fluctuating between gains and losses all morning long blow out earnings from Walmart well that's being offset by a surprise earnings miss from home depot and both those retailers are components of the Dow index playing against each other enjoy that coffee is costing a lot more these days the international coffee organization reports Java prices rose seven percent last month mostly on panic buying and prices are on track to continue heading higher and for many backyard barbecue was this Memorial Day may look a little different Walmart says it will reduce.

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