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For people who were protesting. The i will say though. I think olympia kirks. I thought she was the least interesting part of the film. 'cause we're all these other actors and Not was thrown out the performance but also bringing these really fascinating care druce ges does and she's not even there that there's a big portion of the film. She's not an because it is focused on the institute but whatever she signed. She always looks like she's got her hair pulled out and she is like what are you doing honey. You're you're tearing up the house stop. That's been again him for the entire story was the love that you know. He had for her and they chatted for him. I get that i just felt like. That's all there was to it and Yeah i forgot like character came back. I even forgot. She was in their house like. Yeah there's that regarding the ending. I thought the ending was. They could have been better now. I'm not gonna give spoilers. But i i will say the ending when you mentioned being abrupt. I did have a problem with that. 'cause i felt lake. I mean there are those movies are like. Hey we're gonna have this ending that stuttering cutoff and you're going to have to think about it. Sometimes that can work but most of the time when he pulled ending like that. It does leads to be like okay. Well we discussed this. We ran out filming and scripts oregon put down. Like oh if you can believe you know the ending as than thing about it to me. That's not great writing in say that is too often. You see filmmakers go okay. We don't explain this then it's great and if we have you have to put the pieces together. I mean i'll say when it with the arrival. that's probably one ending rows like oh man. That was great. 'cause it really. There was a lot of things going on the head. You thinking about everything where this it was so simple until the very end and then at the end. I'm like okay. Well now. this is a curve that i don't feel like as warranted but i still enjoyed it i. I don't know if lightly it's also film where it would be cool discounting outskirts if it didn't. I mean same award ceremonies. I don't care lake blasts of us to win all the words that game the the game words. I'm still a young. i don't really care. Serve won those awards. I don't that doesn't automatically make me really love that game. By if this did not receive any awards. I would just be like all right i give. Hi good neighborly enjoyed. It'd be of nominations key should get a nomination and a definitely should get some sound nominations and again. I will say that. I think that ending is warranted for the character and his journey. It may not be the best ending for us as an audience member of for the story. They're telling it works for the character. I think yeah. That's perfect inning. And i totally agree with the about the documentary style. Look to it yeah. This is raw and gritty. And really in your face and then sure metal rumor. So your your dog really likes. The ending was talking about. He's like roar. i really liked to. I want her the dogs a huge heavy metal fan. Yes she's death actually. Oh i you loved the movie okay..

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