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V six bill Elliott Seventh Jimmy Spencer eight Kevin Harvick ninth is Johnny Vinson intent is bobby the body you know Nascar Winston Cup drivers <hes> most of them are fans of other sports in addition to ask our Winston Cup racing zinc and Elliott Sadler who was involved in our first crash here this afternoon's a big baseball fan. He got the thrill of his life earlier this week. Barney went to Philadelphia and did batting practice and throughout the first pitch with Philadelphia phillies. He said that was quite a night for him. I'm GonNa tell you them and I was pretty cool to <hes> to go. Get it through the first pitch out of the phillies game to be able to take batting practice with the guys I gotTa Take Band practice with the pitchers man that's pretty cool to stand on what Jose Mason and swing about a little bit now. I've got a new respect for those guys to be able hit. You gotta be a grown man to hit a ball out of a major league. Both ball ball wouldn't bet they just the ball does not go off those bats at all and I found that day traded me like Gomez pretty something I'll never forget he did say knocked a couple of balls <hes> across the fence and they were fast pitches to but said there's no danger. He's racing and start playing baseball. I liked sit down job. I got no running involved in most time. You don't get beamed what a ball and I have to wear into the broken bats at you anything like that. I'll stay with this but in racing so you gotTA worry about spinning out getting in crashes early.

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